#bangladesh fire


Depression and anxiety are very common problem these days starting from teenager to elderly adults anyone and everyone can face this at any point in life and they equally affect us as any physical disease does, many people don’t take mental health seriously but it is outmost necessary to do […]

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Doping – How is it Affecting Sports?

“Science has learned recently that contempt and indignation are addictive mental states. I mean physically and chemically addictive. Literally! People who are self-righteous a lot are apparently doping themselves rhythmically with auto-secreted surges of dopamine, endorphins and enkephalins. Didn’t you ever ask yourself why indignation feels so good?” ~ David […]

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Massive blast tears through the food processing factory and has killed 52 people through flames. Rup Ganj, Bangladesh;5:00 pm: A massive blast that teared up on Bangladesh killed 52 people by flames and 50 other injured. The fire broke put on the industrial town, east of capital Dhaka, on 9th […]

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