Cyber Bullying in India

Cyber bullying is a state when a person is threaten, harassed and is humiliated via mobile phone or Internet by a person or else by a group of persons. Cyber bullying can be considered equally offensive and harmful as bullying in real world is. In this modern era using social media account is very common which each one of us do and these accounts helps us to post pictures, data or anything a person wish to but these are often misleading by these bullies. Cyber bullying can be in the form of targeting of social media publically or by sending hurtful and   inappropriate messages. Cyber bullying can be considered as an extremely dangerous one because it allows the bullies to embarrass and harass any person at any time via any gadget and platform. Now a days everyone is quite familiar with social media networking be it a child, an adult or a senior-citizen and thus it becomes somewhat easier to be the victim or the suspect of such prejudice. It was found in a study that “1 in 3 high school students have been subjected to some form of bullying or cyber bullying.”

In the India Penal Code and the Information Technology Act suggest cyber bullying as an extremely serious offence which results in adequate punishment. This term was introduced by Bill Belsey who was a Canadian educator. Cyber bullying is that state of position where one can use information technology or communication technology to torture or harm the other person. Cyber bullying often results in victim getting into a brutal situation or every so often in a depressed state of mind. The basic motive behind this crime is to hurt a person; it can be a known or an unknown person too. In the case of bullying the suspect could be a powerfully person whether economically or socially than the victim. As per the report of the survey it was found that 63% of the children under the age of 18 are victim of cyber bullying. These bullying are of different types which involves mistreating blogs, private pictures, abusing a person via chat section and sending junk mails. Other than this, revealing personal data, pictures, harassing someone in groups or publically or stealing passwords as well as forcing someone else to bully the victim is also a kind of bullying. Cyber bullying can either be very simple one where the suspect do so using mails, messages, etc. but other than this bullying can also be in a vigorous form as sometimes the suspect starts to gang up against the victim and threats also gives sexual comments, spreads rumors, etc.

Cyber bullying is that wound that effects the person wholly and solely for lifetime. Ignoring or overcoming such bullies is not a permanent solution for it. At Indian Penal Code of 1860 in 2013, these stalking are considered as a great criminal offense. According to section 354C of IPC if any person who is caught bullying a female or taking of her private pictures or watch her when she is at her privacy than that person shall be penalized with sentence of one to three year in prison and also have to charge some fine.


Cyber bullying is a great offence and is also punishable in India. We people have the tendency to avoid things which later results as a devastating one. Cyber bulling also come under such category which can take an ugly shape with the course of time. As every second child is a victim of such cyber bullying there should be more laws and measures regarding it. These laws should be made keeping in mind the psychological state of the victim too. Smalls ignorance leads to heart-rending situations and stopping such bullying is crucial at this point of time otherwise these bullies could be left open and the only suffers will be the victim.

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