Educated Unemployment

When we talk about development, education is the major factor and has a direct or indirect influence on other factors as well. “Our education system rests on the pillars of accessibility, affordability and quality,” quotes our Late ex- President Pranab Mukherjee.

Unemployment is a phenomenon that occurs when a person who is actively searching for employment is unable to find work. A widespread phenomenon which came into existence is educated unemployment or graduate unemployment. A college graduate actively is not able to seek job due to lack of opportunity is termed as graduate unemployment.

 In recent times this problem has come to assume a frightening level. A variety of factors including a large population and the defects in the educational system as well as the inability to provide a diversified and vibrant economy can be considered to be the prime reasons for the problem of educated unemployment.

In India, present scenario is that parents are putting lots of money for their child education and dreams their child as a person with successful career and same is the dream of child But reality turns to frustration out of unemployment.

The root of the unemployment begins at the systematic and policy making level. The policies making and their implementation should be incompatibility to the citizens of the state. The people of the nation should be the beneficiaries of these policies, but the case differs at the grass root level. The people in rural areas, which are approx 70% of our total population, have no or least access to such policies. One the causes of graduate unemployment are the quality of education which passes after three to four year of college, employers look for people who have learned how to learn, and have gained substantial communication skills as well as critical thinking abilities. Graduates are not meeting employer’s needs.

“An educated mind with an empty stomach and ample of time doing nothing but cursing the system, is more harmful for an individual or the society than any other problem.”

India is a country having 1.21 billion population and 66% of this population are under the age of 35 (Census 2011). Due to the increased education level in the recent years, the modern youth is well-educated and possess a good degree like B.Tech, B.E., MBA, MBBS, Ph.D. etc. Hence, a major workforce of our country is seeking for a well-paid job in their respective fields. But due to limited access to skill based education and drop in the financial market; it’s hard for them to get a desired job and this entire scenario creates “Educated Unemployment”.

The problem arises when a degree holder is not getting a skilled job due to not being skilled during their degree course. Due to this problem India lacks in skilled labour. According to a survey,“90% of the educated youth is unemployable due to lack of skills i.e. 60% due to lack of communication skills, 25% due to lack of analytical skills, 5% due to lack of knowledge in their respective field”.

Consequences of educated unemployment:

“One year of unemployment reduces the life expectancy by five years”, states a report.

Frustration, anxiety, stress, depression are the common behaviors of an educated unemployed. They are filled up with the rage against the society that has made them develop low self-esteem and fell like they are not among the productive members of the society. To take revenge against the system they indulge in wrong ways of earning money like robbery, chain snatching, rapes, violence, kidnapping, and murders etc. Studies tell that due to the higher rates of educated employment crime rates are drastically increasing day by day. Terrorism, drug trafficking, anti-social groups are the other hazardous outcomes of educated unemployment.

How to solve the problem of educated unemployment:

If we talk about reforms and solution of the unemployment plight about India, multiple technical and vocational institutions should be the establishment in the country and the significance of vocational courses to be instilled in the mind of people and efforts to break the taboo about their job insecurity. A campaign to present and promote more educational fields except engineering and medical should be recited to the people in the rural areas. The higher education like post graduation and PHD courses should be promoted to divide the job opportunity. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana,  Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana, Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee act and several other should be promoted and implemented efficiently throughout the country.


Economy and employment are the backbones of any state, the regular reforms and policy making should always be considered for the enshrouded growth. With the population which I possess, carrying youngsters as liabilities whereas they should be the support and help the nation go further ahead is an enormous devastating thought.