Growing up, our relationship with our parents is less complex. They are the first best friends that we have. We talk to them about everything, and they listen to us. We look up to them and want to be like them when we grow up.

 But after growing up, we realize our parents are not perfect. They make mistakes too. Well, that is not a bad thing because nobody is perfect. A lot of us then stay angry at our parents for being normal humans. We blame them for everything without realizing that they have a life of their own. Yes, we are their children, and they love us. But that does not mean they should stop living their lives. Our parents provide us with necessities, and they work hard to do it. They sacrifice their dreams to fulfill ours. But a lot of us do not give them the respect or the credit that we should. 

Growing up, parents would appreciate us for every small achievement. Now they don’t say much. We can sense they are happy but have trouble expressing it. We need to understand that it is hard for parents to express their feelings of love towards us once we grow up. It is mainly because their parents were not so expressive towards them.

Here are a few ways that can help fix your relationship with your parents:

If parents have trouble expressing their love, we can express it to them instead. If we can tell our friends, we love them on a daily basis. So, why not do the same with the people raising us?

Communication is the key to fix all relationships. We all get a gap in our relationship with our parents. That gap can only be erased by communicating with them.

Keeping the generation gap aside. We often get distant from our parents because they don’t approve of a few things. But, for that we need to understand where they are coming from. They are trying to accept our generation, but there will still be a few things they will not approve of. Instead of hating on them for it, we need to start understanding them.

We need to understand that they care for us. We sometimes tend to disagree with our parents but agree with our friends if they say the same thing. We need to understand that our parents care more about us than our friends ever would.

We all need to build a deeper relationship with our parents. We need to ask them about their day and tell them about ours. If they accept us with our flaws, we need to do the same with them. I know my parents don’t agree on a few things with me. Which is fine. It doesn’t have to come in the way of our relationship. We all have our ups and downs. Our relationship with our parents will only work when we are willing to make it work.

We say parents don’t understand us.

But do we understand them?

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