Petrol, diesel prices hiked again

The petrol price has been increased by 35 paise in Delhi, while diesel saw an increase of 26 paise. This was the seventh hike of this month, according to price notification by the oil retailers.

Bhopal became the first city where petrol prices touched Rs. 100, thereafter cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru also sold petrol for Rs.100. In the country’s national capital, petrol prices scaled to Rs. 100 on July 7,2021.

Petrol now costs over Rs.100 in 18 states and UT’s – Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Odisha, Ladakh, Punjab, Sikkim, Delhi, West Bengal, Nagaland, Jammu and Kashmir and Telangana.

The central and taxes make up for 60% of the retail selling price of petrol and over 54% of diesel. Centre levies Rs. 32.90 per litre of excise duty on petrol and Rs. 31.80 a litre on diesel. The difference in prices in states occurs on account of local taxes like VAT or freight charges.

Rajasthan levies the highest VAT on petrol and diesel in the country, followed by Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.

Here are the list of petrol and diesel prices in the states of India:

Delhi: Petrol prices – Rs. 100.91 per litre; diesel prices – Rs. 89.88 per litre

Kolkata: Petrol prices – Rs. 101.01 per litre; diesel prices – Rs.92.97 per litre

Mumbai: Petrol prices – Rs. 106.93 per litre; diesel prices – Rs. 97.46 per litre

Bengaluru: Petrol prices – Rs. 104.29 per litre; diesel prices – Rs. 95.26 per litre

Chennai: Petrol prices – Rs. 101.67 per litre; diesel prices – Rs. 94.39 per litre

Hyderabad: Petrol prices – Rs. 104.86 per litre; diesel prices – Rs. 97.96 per litre

Jaipur: Petrol prices – Rs. 107.74 per litre; diesel prices – Rs. 99.02 per litre

Thiruvananthapuram: Petrol prices – Rs. 102.89 per litre; diesel prices – Rs. 96.47 per litre

Patna: Petrol prices – Rs. 103.18 per litre; diesel prices – Rs. 95.46 per litre

Bhopal: Petrol prices – Rs. 109.24 per litre; diesel prices – Rs. 98.67 per litre

Chandigarh: Petrol prices – Rs. 97.04 per litre; diesel prices – Rs. 89.51 per litre

Bhubaneswar: Petrol prices – Rs. 101.37 per litre,

diesel prices – Rs. 97.67 per litre

Srinagar: Petrol prices – Rs. 103.77 per litre, diesel prices – Rs. 93.49 per litre

This was the 39th hike in fuel prices since 4th May. The price of petrol has risen by Rs. 10.51 per litre and diesel by Rs. 9.09 per litre.

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