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Descriptive writing is a tool to make the audience imagine the event or place through your words. Below is a fictional description of visit to a café, mentioning details observed at the place:

A Visit to ” The Blue Café “

It was a regular Sunday afternoon but the discount coupons of The Blue Café on the occasion of their fresh opening, made it special. The café was only at a walking distance from home. The decoration on the entrance of that single-storey building turned out to be a strategy to attract people in the marketplace. Wonder how expensive it would have been to get a shelter on the main road of the city! There used to be a sweet shop before, which the owner sold for being unprofitable. Now it has been reconstructed to cater the demands of a wide range of consumers by offering a variety of food at one place. The café is making way for a large customer base since day one by bringing out luxurious offers for residents nearby.

Sunday was obviously attracting more customers. The guard at the entrance was well dressed and welcoming. The air conditioned hall and sitting arrangements were the most satisfactory. There was plenty of space to dine even on a busy day. The blue lights reflecting from the green walls had a soothing effect on the mind. They were neither too flashy nor too dark. The walls were holding fun and interesting posters compelling visitors to click several photos after lunch.

The tables were made of glass having beautifully prepared menu cards on them which offered a variety of dishes native to different places. The prices were on the peak but the discount coupons had our back for now. The service was fast enough since they had a good number of employees at work. Their uniforms had it written- ‘a day here gives a memory forever’. The kitchen was visible to an extent from the washbasin area. It was well equipped with modern cooking machines arranged in an order; leaving ample space to work. Proper sanitation facilities were provided for the customers which is a key point at public places. The management was really good and the food was delicious. There were free chocolate candies at the table for first hundred customers. The café was new and so was the crockery design. It was majorly a family dine-out at night and attracted young generations the most, during the day. The music at the background was pleasant and refreshing. The place is best suited for the working population since it calms down the mind, helps release stress and energises the body with its tasty food. The seats are arranged in a manner that no other gets disturbed.

Besides the blue lights, the name of the café also matches to the special dish called ‘Blue Bucket’ which is available only during the day at a high rate and unfortunately, the discount coupons doesn’t work on that. As the manager briefed, it is a dish having a basket of fruit salad, a cup of blue-berry ice cream and a special Thali. The veggies offered in the Thali are costly which is why this dish is unaffordable for many. Youngsters come here in groups just to have a taste of the famous Blue Bucket. Surely it is not a dish a single person can finish.

The place is really cherishing, especially for the youngsters. It is operative from nine to three during the day and seven to eleven at night. The café building adores the street with beautiful green lights hung upon the adjoining trees at night.

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