Know what happens during period!

Menstruation is the actual time when women bleed. And the entire time between 2 menstruation is called Menstrual cycle.

The excessive pain in menstruation is not normal and this condition is called Dysmenorrhea.

As everyone says period blood is dirty blood but in reality it is not the rejected blood of the body. It is less concentrated than normal blood and it has less blood cells.

“Smuggling pads to the bathroom like it’s some sort of illegal thing gotta be the worst adaptation to patriarchy”

Transgender men may still get their periods, just as transgender women might not have periods.

Girls miss their school 1-2 days every month and it affect their studies and education.

We bleed 5 days in a month and it really sucks

I am a girl
Yes, I am a girl
And like every other girl, I also go through those painful days
The day which comes and goes every month.
When the day comes, I feel like I’m in hell
I don’t have to touch stuff
I am not allowed to go to bed
I am not allowed to go to the place of worship.
I am not allowed to say anything
I am not allowed to cry because of this cycle
I feel like thousands of hammers are breaking my bones.
I go through all these things like – mood swings, cramps, frustration, anger, and much more.
But I am not allowed to cry
I am not allowed to cry even when I feel the worst.
The reason behind this is that I am a girl
I am a girl
And I always taught to hide this
I always have to do that
I always have to be away from everyone
I have to hide this just because I am a girl And I am on my periods

How it feels when I am on my periods and no one understands the pain I am going through…



  • Yoan’t enter a kitchen or cook food for anyone else.
  • Can’t enter a place of worship.
  • only enter a place of prayer once we’ve washed our hair on or after the fourth day.
  • Must wash our hair on the first day of our period to clean ourself completely. Buttt on the contrary…
  • If we wash our hair, our flow will be less and it will affect our fertility later in life.


  • Can’t touch plants.
  • Everything we cook will be a disaster.


  • Tampons will break our hymen and make us impure.
  • Can’t take a bath.


  • can’t cradle babies or we’ll cause them to get sick.

As we know it is just because improper balance of estrogen and progesterone leads to the breakdown of endometrium lining that ultimately causes Menstruation every month.

we were taught to hide this.
Why, why do we have to hide this if it is natural.

This menstrual cycle is a natural thing and this is the reason why only women carry babies.But despite this, we all try to hide this.Everyone knows that this menstrual cycle always comes during it’s duration but everyone tries to hide it.When it is natural then why do we feel shame for this. Why??