Step 1:Fulfill Your Promises

The first step towards building the integrity is to keep the promises that a person has made. If a person is not sure that he will be able to meet his promise, then he/she should not affirm to it.

For Example, If a person has promised to attend an organisational event, then he/she should definitely attend that event without any fail. This will depict that he/she is a person of words, who keep all his promises which will help in achieving a high respect in the organisation.

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Step 2:Keep your Appointments

The second step towards the evolution is to be on time in all meetings as it describes punctuality and responsiveness of a person.

For Example, If a person has a meeting scheduled at 6 PM, then he should be present there by 5:50 so that there is no delay in meeting due to that person. Reaching a meeting after the scheduled time of commencing, act as a barrier in the process of building high integrity and results in bad image with other members present in that meeting.

Step 3:Get Comfortable With Saying “No”

The next step towards building integrity is that a person should have guts to say that he will not be able to do a work. If he will keep on saying ‘yes’ to all the work, then he will face a pressure of doing all the tasks and will not be able to perform any of that task properly.

For Example, if a person knows that a task already given to him will consume a day and need to be submitted the next day , in this situation if  he is asked to do some work of his team member also, then he should not agree to do it, telling that he already has some work pilled up .

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Step 4:Examine Your Reaction In Tough Situations

This step depicts that a person should record that how he reacts in different situations and should analyse the reason for that reaction. This will help him to analyse that how he can deal with the matter in a better manner.

For Example, If a person feel panic with deadline coming closer, he should take a note of it and should work in finding a solution of solving this problem. He should analyse that how he could have handled the situation in a  better manner.

Step 5:Your Attitude towards Money

This step deals with analyzing that what is the worth of money in the actions of a person.

For Example if a person is doing a work for sole purpose of earn money, then the person is said to be of low integrity but if he values his goals more than money, then he is said to be a person of high integrity.

Step 6:Define Your Values And Vision

This step depicts that a person need to have a clarity about individual goals and values and should analysing that how a company and that person can play a crucial role in achieving the goals and vision of each other. This will bring a confidence in the person that the organisation will bring him close to his goals which will motivate him to perform better.

For Example, if a person is not clear with his goals, he will doubt his decision and will not be able to perform well. He will have a low will to perform and will not be able to perform with his full callable  which  is a barrier in effectively and efficiently achieving the goals of that organisation.

Step 7:Stay Committed

The last step towards building a high integrity is that the person need to have faith in himself and his decisions. He should not get demotivated from the challenges and should keep on giving his best and he will surely be able to achieve his goals.

For Example, An employee can’t fulfill all his goals on the first day of his job. There is a requirement of firm determination and devotion of that employee towards work which makes it possible that he the vision with which he has joined that organisation.

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