mass media refers two media technologies used to to disseminate information to a wide audience it is a diverse array of meda technology that reach a large audience viva mass communication. Broadcast media transmit information electronically viva media. Media compressor search services many Allah mass media outlets have additional presence on the web ration that controls this technology such as movie students publishing companies and radio and television stations each mass medium as its own content types creative artist text technicians and business models. Companies run and endless marathon tourist success with the help of mass media entrepreneur consider various platform to convey the company’s image and create a good reputation mass m is actually the primary mean of communicate with each other as well as on a grander level.

Media outlets also serve a gatekeeping function which means they affect or control the information that is transmitted to the audience is the mass media saves the getting function in the form of relying which requires some third parties to get a message from one human to next we also require more than a sensoryability to receive mass media messages which usually requires technology and equipment that the media outlet controls and has access to but we do not. Where primary receivers when it comes to mass communication which makes as dependent on it gatekeeper to rely the messages the second gatekeeping function of limiting media which allow users to add more control over the media message and we receive. In fact many people shoes to engage with medium message that I have been limited to match their own personal views of performance this kind of limiting also allow us to have more control over the media messages will receive a need for this gatekeeping function the media can fulfill or fail to fulfill its role as the fourth estate of government. The information function of the news have been criticized and called infotainment and rather than bringing people together the media has been listed a causing popularization and decline incivility as a great impact on the masses when it comes to branding companies search for the most effective ways among them sides social media channels blocks when they find the right type of mass media channel for this business they can communicate their prospective and conduct branding campaign .

Band can educate users to get the most of the products mass media constitutes both technical and institutional method for communication it reaches large audience or masses mass media has the power to influence society audience for the masses are offered with the wide variety of choices in intensive use of mass media has resulted in the world to appear smaller and closes. It also promotes distribution of the goods and services the fundamental objective of mass media or to inform educate and entertain entertain the masses media is the watch dog of society mass media works to transmit Heritage and cultural values. The race of new mass media create a global platform to bring people together the advantages of mass media are bringing voice to the voiceless in shining the spotlight on the masses as the general public can express their views and opinions freely effective and wider communication has become useful for people business Government and the whole world to stay connected with each other diffusion of diverse culture also place a co lossal part in spreading AC arts and cultures encyclopaedia and information the internet is truly a massive open source of information and different types of mass media form search engine platforms to social media platform. Apart from this there are certain disadvantage of mass media such as spread fake fake news health issues compromised privacy. Apart from this there are certain disadvantage of mass media such as spread fake fake news health issues compromised privacy glamorizing censored content and topics possibility of fraud and hacking.

Various mass media include print media refers to news paper which were the main resources of information outdoor Media brand usage usually location and items to promote their products like bus stops public transport broadcasting media such as audio video content is distributed dispersed audience digital media active internet users worldwide which means that the world is dependent on digital media.

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