A General Overview of Peer Pressure

Peer is a Latin word which signifies equal. The peer also includes people with same status, sport teams or people of same community. We often get influence by our peers as the way they dress, act, talk as well as their body language. Peers have a greater role in a person’s life. They help in aiming and accomplishing desirable goals in our life. Peer has a great influence in every person’s life.

It’s our human tendency that we learn and adapts from others same goes in case of peers where we learn from them. Peer pressure often results in other person adopting the same thing. Usually we take on the habits followed by the persons of our age group or by social group with respect to time. As an example we can say that at a very tender age children adopt the habit of consume alcohol due to its peer pressure. Frequently peer pressure results as creating a stressful stage where weather one is comfortable or not he or she is forced to follow the pressure made by the peers. Some common examples of it are shoplifting, consuming drugs and taboos, drinking alcohol, doing hazardous task while driving and getting physically intimated without the will. In the case of peer pressure expression could be made directly or indirectly. Getting in touch with peers is not bad but influencing the peers and forcing them to do something without their wills is really upsetting on. We human being has the tendency to become curious and try new things but this may often lead to diverting our path from virtuous judgements. The factors under which a person’s peer pressures depends on:
1)    High self-esteem
2)    Goals and a optimistic viewpoint on future
3)    Good social skills
4)    The capability to act together with people from many different background
5)    Strong connections with family and community.

Types of Peer Pressure
1.     Positive Pressure- Peer pressure is not always bad sometimes the peer may force you to adopt habits which are good for your health and social status too and also help in making good decisions in life as well as tackling the difficulties of life.
2.     Negative Pressure- It is basically a negative pressure imposed against the will of the person. They often results in
a negative outcome and can also be dangerous.

Is peer pressure useful?
Sometimes we find positive influence in peer pressure as there can help or give proper guidelines to us, they may help us in getting rid of any negative addiction, deal with the hardship of life, getting financial, emotional and mental support too. So, if we say peer pressure can be useful sometimes and in some case this statement could be partially true.
Is peer pressure harmful?
Occasionally, the pressure made by the peers can also be a destructing. We often see people in excess burden and the reason behind it frequently is peer pressure made by our friends, colleagues, etc. When a peer pressurize one to do things with the sake of being acceptable by the society which the other person feels uncomfortable leads to a result which can be venomous.

Peer pressure can be counted as playing an efficient role in self-development of a person by motivating, helping in tackling hurdles in life, giving comradeship, providing emotional and mental support. We all will agree at some point of time that we cannot live a life without having peers. A time they give healthy competition and boost up the power and ability of one. But if there is positivity there is negativity too. We find peers everywhere it can be school, collages, office, play-ground etc. No one is exempted from peer pressure but it completely depends on us how we tackle the circumstances. Life gives opportunity to all and ultimately brings out the best version of us. We may turn to a wrong path or fall several of times but a true sportsman spirit is when we develop the habit of never quitting and accepting all the flaws and moving ahead.

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