an auditor is a trained professional who is responsible to review and verify the accounting data of any business undertaking returning to its business activities an auditor may be internal auditor are appointed by the company exclusively for their companies audit and external auditor for independent auditors having forms who are hired by the company is subject to an audit. And auditor have the rights and powers to sign the audit report have the right to make representation and to speak in the General meeting and the right to refuse to start the audit work until the books of accounts is balanced by the management and rights to access the book of accounts and vouchers and rights to obtain information and explanation rights to receive notice and other communication in General meeting right to have legal technical or expert advice rights to receive renumeration and finally the right to comment on the inadequacy of the accounting system in his report.

An auditor can be appointed bye the first auditor is appointed by the board of directors within our week of the registration of the company the appointed auditor hold office till the conclusion of the first annual General meeting of the company and the subsequent auditor is appointed every year at every Android General meeting by the shareholder and the auditor is appointed maybe the old or previous or any auditor thirdly appointment of auditor by the central government if any subsequent auditor is not appointed by the shareholders at the annual General meeting the company must bring it to the notice of the central government within 7 days the company feels to give such a notice the company and every officers of the company in default will be punishable with fine appointment in case of casual vacancy casual vacancy caused by the resignation of auditor can be filled up by the board of directors it can be filled up only by the shareholders are there under General meeting and finally appointment of special resolution the appointment or reappointment of an auditor shall be made by a special resolution in case of a company in which not less than 25% of the subscribed capital is held. The duties and responsibility of a company’s auditor follows statutory duties which includes duty to make certain enquiries due to imposed by the companies act duty to sign is audit report duty to assist investigation secondary contractual duty thirdly certain duties imposed by legal and court decision finally duties arising out of personal ethics.

In case of removal of auditor the first auditor appointment by the direction prior to the first annual General meeting public company may be removed by the members in annual General meeting in Aadhar case lorita may be removed from office before the enquiry office term by the company in Annual General meeting after obtaining the approval of Central Government. The application to government should be filled within 30 days from the date of resolution of the board of directors along with fees. In case of resignation of auditor auditor shall send to the company with his or her resignation letter along with form ADT-3. The company will therefore call a board meeting to accept the resignation of auditor and then the company shall then fill the casual vacancy as arise by the resignation of the auditor and will approve the notice of the early General meeting of the company.

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