The environment protection act was enacted in the year 1986 it was enacted with the main objective to provide the protection and improvement of environment and for matters connected with it the environmental protection act as the objective to implement the decision made at the UN conference of human environment held at Stockholm in June 1972, to co-ordinate activities of various regulatory agencies under the existing law and creation of an authority or other it is for environmental protection, to provide for creation of an authority or authorities environmental protection, to enact general law on the areas of environment protection which were left uncovered by existing law and to provide a deterrent punishment to those vintage human environment safety and health.

The following are the sections for environmental protection, number 1 section 2(a) the defines environment as water air and land and inter relationship with exists among and between water, air and land and human beings other living creature plant, micro-organisms and property. Sec 2(b) define sentimental pollution means any solid liquid or gaseous substance present in such concentration as maybe or tend to be injurious to health. Sec 2(c) define environmental protection means the presence in the environment of any environmental pollutants. Sec 2(d) define and living as relation to any substance means the manufacturers processing treatment packing storage transportation use collection destruction conversion offering for sale transfer or the like of such substance.sec 2(e) define hazardous substance means any substance for preparation which by reason of its chemical or physico -chemical properties or handling is liable to cause harm to human being or other living creatures plant microorganisms property on the environment. Sec 2(f) defines occupier in relation to any factor or premises means a person who has control over the affairs of factory for the premises and includes in relation to any substance the person is position of the substance. Sec 3 empowers central government to take measures to protect and improve environment, subject to the provisions of this act the central government shall have the power to take all such measures as to deem necessary for the purpose of protecting and improve the the quality of the environment and preventing controlling and adopting environmental protection. Sec 4 and power central government for appointment offices with their power and function for successful implementation of the act, the central government may appoint offices with such designation as to think fit for the purpose of this act and may entrust to them such of the powers and functions under this act it may deem fit. Sec 5 empowers central government to give directions, the closer provision or regulation of any industry operation or process. Sec 6 empowers central government to formulate rules or regulate environmental protection, the central government may be notification in official gazette make rules in respect of all or any of the matters referred to in section 3. Sec 7 States that the industry persons carrying industrial operations and not allowed a meeting or discharging environmental pollutants more than the established standards, no person carrying on any industry operation all process shell discharge or a meat or permit to be discharged or admitted any for environmental pollutants in excess of such as may be prescribed. Sec 8 States that persons and living as other substance need to compile with procedure safeguard. Sec 9 describes furnishing of information to authorities and agencies in certain cases where the discharge of any environmental pollutants in excess of the prescribed standards the person responsible shall be bound to prevent or mitigate the environment and intimate the fact of such a occurance and the bound to render all assistance to such authorities. Sec 10 powers of entry and inspection (a) subject to the provisions of this section person empowered by the central government in this behalf cellerite to enter at all reasonable times with such assistance as he considers necessary any place (b) every person carrying any industrial operations or process of handling any hazardous substance Shall be bound to render all assistance to the person empowered by the central government(c) if any person willfully delays or obstructs any persons empowered by the central government under sub section 1 in the performance of this function is shall be guilty of any offence under this act. Sec 11 power to take sample and procedure to be followed in connections. Sec 12 power 2 setup environmental laboratory for testing and analysing air water soil and other samples. Sec 13 as provisions for appointing government analyst for the purpose of analysis of samples of air water soil or other substance send to any established or approved environmental laboratory. Sec 14 refers to the report of government analysis as evidence of facts. sec 15 as provision of penalty for the contravention of the provisions of the act and rules orders and directions. Sec 16 describe offences by companies. And finally sec 17 describes offences by government departments.

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