Facts to maintain your bright canvas as new one


It is always pretty good to wear bright colors of shoes and clothes that will make our impression look admirable. But as days goes these attractive ones get prone to stains which makes us worried. Especially white canvas vans are really awesome while shining but it’s becomes worse to removes stains. As most probably we lose the shine and love we have on it after washing as the material it’s brightness.

  1. Procedure to remove stains without losing its glowing

Let us first wipe of some solid dirt or dust hanging on the vans softly with a smooth cloth and by using a brush gently. Then it is necessary to remove laces from shoes and wash them separately as combined cleaning may not be proper. Further, we can sink them in a broad vessel or utensil with lukewarm water so we can clean them preciously.

Along with the water it is recommended to add some detergent including hydrogen peroxide and allow them to penetrate in the dirt for few hours. After the appropriate duration of soaking, we can start to rub particles attached to the shoes aggressively with a flexible brush that can go through corners and edges of the footwear. With constant scrubbing we can find the stain begins to fade.

  • Removing stains after the period of soaking

Since it has soaked well, we can be vigorous while rubbing shoes with brush to make them shine as earlier. Put your effort more to bring out your precious footwear to a useable one. The hard we scrub we can bring back it as brand new one with perfection in it. At this right time, vinegar can be used with the previous things in the utensil so it takes away the stain completely while rinsing. 

It is advisable to make them dry in indoors after the whole process of removal of solid and dried impurities on it. Allow it to dry for nearly 7-8 hours so that you can make use of them the next day.

After the shoes has dried you can notice the glowing beauty of your ever-lasting, lovable thing attracting to wear it on your legs again. Once in five days try to wipe them gently so dust won’t get accumulated and becomes harder as well as color remains same. 

  • Precautions and measurements for storage

Always be cautious while storing them as they require careful handling of preservation as mistakes may happen which after it will become useless instead to throw away. So, try to store them in separate cardboard boxes as they can preserve shoes for years as fresh. Store canvas vans in a dry and places where solid things and items are kept to avoid destruction or loss of material instead of placing them near fluid materials. As in certain situations by mistake it may get spoilt.

Whatever thing it is our outmost care makes them to last longer and be ours precious one always. Preserving and protecting them from external factors like dust and stains from surrounding is the crucial role for us to make a product last longer and based on the handling of them how we use them wisely.

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