Find your self- love language

When you think of the term love languages, the first thing that may come to mind is relationships and romance. But finding your self- love language is actually an important factor in your self care routine. Here are some helpful tips .

Before delving into self- love languages,let’s know about where this concept from. In 1992, Dr. Gary champan wrote a book called The Five languages. In the book ,he discusses five different ways to express love with your partner. They include words of affirimation,acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch.

Champan notes that discovering your love language can help you communicate and better connect. With your love! He also adds that everyone expresses and recieves love differently , so it’s important to understand your love language.

1. Quality Time :

If your love language is quality time, you adore just being together with the person you love .A perfect day would be hanging out with your loved ones and simply enjoying the moment. Why not apply this to your self care routine? Be mindful of how you spend time with yourself. Give yourself the undivided attention that you would want from someone else.

Self- love Ideas for Quality Time :

* practice mindfulness.

* spend a day at the coffee shop.

* Do a gudied meditation exercise.

* sign up for a yoga class.

* Enjoy the sunset.

* Go for a drive.

* start a garden.

*Go on a solo- trip to a dreamy destination.

* Read a chapter of a new book before bed.

* paint a picture.

* Treat yourself to dinner at your favorite restaurant.

* Listen to your favorite album on repeat.

* stargaze.

* watch a meaningful movie.

* sit on your porch.

* Go on a nature hike.

2. Words of Affirmation :

Sometimes, it’s nice to just hear the words,”I love you” or ” you did a great job”, If words of affirimation is your love language,you feel happiest when someone expresses their affection in words. Similarly ,you should speak loving to youself.At times, we can be our own worst critics. Replacing negative self- talk with kind words is a powerful way to show yourself love.

Self -love ideas for words of affirimation:

* Recite daily positive affirmations

* stick encouragingnotes on your fridge.

* write yourself a loving letter.

* keep a gratitude jar.

* Remind yourself of your dreams by making a vision board.

* Be aware of how people in your life speak to you.

* Talk about your passions with others.

* Forgive yourself for past mistakes.

*Give yourself a compliment.

* write a list of things you’ve accomplished this year.

3.Receiving Gifts:

When it comes to this love language,it’s the thought behind the gift that counts. You love the idea that someone bought or made a gift with just you in mind. If receiving gifts is your love language ,you truly appreciate when people listen to your interests and passions.

Let’s say that you adore all things music. You’d probably feel emotional if your loved ones suprised you with tickets to your favorite artist’s concert. Another thing that would mean the world to you is if they made you a personalized playlist! Overall, small gifts make you feel special because someone you love thought about you

Self-love Ideas for Receiving Gifts:

* Treat yourself to a small gift from yore fav shop.

* Buy a ticket to see a local show or movie.

* Invest in your hobbies and passions.

* Decorate your workspace with positive knickknacks.

* create a scrapbook of memories & mementos.

* Make yourself a self care kit.

* start a DIY project just for fun.

4. Physical Touch :

If physical touch is your love language,a hug from someone you care about can make your wholeday. Showing affection through physical touch calms you down and makes you happiest. When it comes to self care , take the steps you need to feel more in tune with your body. Doing so well bring you a sense of calm.

Self-love ideas for physical Touch:

* cook yourself a healthy dinner.

* Get some fresh air

* Light your favorite candle.

* work on your skincare routine.

* sign up for a fitness class.

* Enjoy a cup of tea.

* Drink a glass of water

* play with makeup.

* Go to the gym.

5. Acts of service :

On to the final self- love language _ acts of service! When I took Dr.chapman’s quiz,I was’nt too surprised that this was my personal love language.At the end of the day ,this love language is all about showing the people in your life you care.

Self-love Ideas for Acts of service:

* check off your to-do list.

* Donate to a local charity.

* Learn how to set boundaries and say no to things that drain your energy.

* Make your bed in the morning.

* Give yourself braeks throughout the workday.

* pick up your favorite snacks at the store.