From Sad to Glad!

Everyone has one or two moments during the day when they think about something and their mood instantly changes from good to bad. For a few minutes we process that feeling and could either go two way: you would either ignore the thought and continue with your work or you would dwell on it and make it worse. Literally anything can ruin our mood if we let it. So, if you find yourself in a bad mood more often then you must some of these mood lifting ideas mentioned below:

  • Deep Breathing: It is proven to calm your nerves down and bring your mind into a state of cam. While doing that you will have a little time to reflect on your mood and you might even let go of the negativity.
  • Try taking a Walk: If you find yourself sliding into a bad mood, put on your sneakers and go take a walk. Don’t time it just keep walking and walk until you make peace with your thoughts. Walking is a great source of distraction.
  • Have a Chocolate: Chocolate is a beloved dessert for all age groups. I don’t think we need a reason to have some of that deliciousness. It will 100% put you in a good mood and all you will be focusing on is the how much your soul is enjoying a piece of your chocolate bar.
  • Talk it Out: If your bad mood is because of a friend or a colleague, then the best thing would be to talk it out with someone who is rational. You can either sort out your differences directly with the person or you could take help of another friend to let go of all the bad thoughts.
  • Take a Nap: A nap is the solution to all your problems. During that time you are detached from the outside world and once you are well rested you’ll have a whole new way of processing your mood. So, snuggle up in your bed and let go.
  • Exercise: Exercise is a proven outlet for anger. If you are in a bad mood you must exercise and you will feel that blood pumping through your veins, it could be a great distraction because who doesn’t feel good about themselves after a great sweat session.
  • Cook your Comfort Food: Food is the ultimate mood up lifter. Cooking is therapeutic and even if you don’t know how to cook, once you start cooking you will be distracted and that is a good thing. Also, when you cook for yourself , you are automatically putting yourself in a good mood and in no time you will forget all about those bad feelings that overcame your mind.
  • Retail Therapy: It is said that money cannot buy happiness and that is true but it can buy you a short lived sense of satisfaction which is enough to put away all that negativity. You can either go buy some clothes or you could go grocery shopping too.
  • Do Something Recreational: Someone who is in a bad mood often has a hard time focusing on things that are important. In order to gain that focus back you can do something recreational like draw, sing, write in a journal, read your favorite book or maybe dance it out. You will feel instantly refreshed and you can focus on the important things again.
  • Rearrange your Wardrobe: It is always good to let out the anger and do something productive with it. The most productive thing you could do is rearranging you wardrobe or maybe cleaning the house. A clean and freshly arranged surrounding will definitely uplift your mood.

We all have days when nothing feels good and all we want to do is curl up in bed and sulk about it but in no way is that healthy. We can easily overcome those feelings if we channel them into something we life and in the end you will feel much much better about your day. Some days are definitely better than others but if we try a little harder we can have more good days and lesser bad ones. Just don’t hide your emotions, accept them and do something to make them go away. Soon you will be the happiest person you know and that’s the ultimate goal, right?

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