It is evident that media sites and apps are combined with everyone’s life to make them updated, promote their skills and attract people to a specific reason or event associated with multiple reasons to reach society and to be recognized worldwide. They act as an intermediator in balancing the users and the influencers to maintain their support throughout life. Even it helps the random people in various fields, struggling to survive by working as a kind of marketing to reach the outworld to gain their support and knowledge regarding the happening.

In these modern days, from childhood till elders technology is exposed and everyone has become a techie by acquiring information about them exploring via the social sites online. So, they work on new ways to be identified by society accompanied by a reason behind it. Within a short span of time, things we post are viewed by millions which in turn results in mutual network or connection between the person (requires attention) and the followers (random common people).

But to gain popularity you work must be perfect and attractive so that it grabs the attention of the public viewing it. Let me discuss about the popular sites or apps that are utilized by people for various purposes that they find it fruitful.

  1. Instagram

This platform is a prior one that has the most of its users in it. Browsing through them will provide information of wide range of aspects like entertainment, cinema, IT sectors, influencers or popular youngsters. It is absolutely free that has no age restrictions in it. You can create an account as for personal or for official use as it is simple making and editing the things that you want to post in your account. It may be reels, post, videos, songs and many more tools are given with free access. A user-friendly application suitable for every individual or organization. This has an activity of 1.5 billion users approximately. It also contains IGTV for longer duration of videos along with its picture and various media sharing. Embedded with business profiles also that is bought by Facebook along with its assets.

  • WhatsApp

This is a kind of secured platform where individual data cannot be breached or retrieved. It works to only people similar like messaging (if you have their number you can speak with them) but random people cannot interact with you without your contact details. This helps in a personal way to get in touch with the brand/organization with our closed ones and asking out to show their support by giving shout outs through status or by recommending their contacts. This module helps to create awareness and spread that concept to much possible people in their closest list. Also comes under no restriction for users as well as suitable for all aged people with free of cost to consumers. The earliest kind of platform has 100 million downloads and the rate of users also. Owned by Facebook few months ago.

  • Telegram

One of the Indian based company that has created an application similar to WhatsApp that contains almost the same features and uses of it. Encouraged by all Indians and also found some users globally. It is comprised of end-to-end encryption so the data can’t be stolen. They maintain two different specifications like WhatsApp (business account, personal account) in which the functions of each differs slightly. Other than that, it is the equally same while compared with that application. The users have just crossed 1 million and will increase further.

  • LinkedIn

This site/domain/application is a portal related to job offers, internships, courses and various other aspects. This web portal has an extraordinary field of connection with several professionals and for persons eager to join or to shift their career or job from place to place. Recruiters find this domain helpful to assign candidates for suitable roles in their companies. The wide range of network helps people to watch out for or grasp things related to their profession to build up their career wisely. Can be useful for spreading information of various aspects that might help out the enthusiast looking/eager to start their work. Users exceed more than 75 million including downloads.

  • Fiverr

 A Freelancers portal where experts in a specific field, post their abilities to attract their clients. The payments can be given according to the work as preferred by the person who finishes the work. Consumers can clarify their doubts by contacting them directly and negotiate prices relevant to their work. This is another way of expertizing yourself and increasing fame by the way the job is completed as per the preferences of agents. It helps graduates to work independently and flexibly according as per one’s wish. This is a platform but to increase your popularity we must use some unique feature different from random people.

  • YouTube

This is a massive platform to expand your merchandise and expertise your business in a world-wide way. By creating a channel and posting videos of one’s relevant field it slowly gains attention of others. The recommendations on this domain will help them find out the exact content of what they require to be viewed. Since we create a channel, it promotes the brand of any organization including the channel also. So, its like two in one strike. I can consider this as a first and foremost media site to become recognized. This contains users of more than 100 million including downloads.

  •   ShareChat

This is mainly like IG(Instagram) useful for posting reels and random videos that can be used to give shoutouts or to spread a product brand by briefing the details about it. By this act relevant consumers can reach out in possible ways to get your product or join in as an employee to promote it all over the platforms. This increases the rate of viewers to move to next level.

  • Tik Tok

Similar to other random platforms hosted like ShareChat and Instagram the functions and the ways to promote are similar but the sponsors and viewers are similar. This is also accessed by millions of viewers as it is a raising music video online platform removed only from Indian servers there is a reduce in followers of their application but this platform is totally rather than that which can also be used for several necessary purposes in unavoidable and sudden circumstances like the happenings in flood how teenagers helped people. It has also beat other media apps including Facebook at its earliest arrival.

  • Twitter

This application is a user friendly and customer supported channel with more than 300 million followers as users. The only thing different from other platforms is the information posted or tweeted on this domain had never gone fake or a rumor. It is a 100 percent reality and can help people to be aware about it. This helps in increasing your connections as you increase services of your brand and prove the benefits to customers hence by some unique way. If it is genuine definitely it will be provoked as a famous one.

  •   Messenger

This is a kind of messaging featured inside the Facebook to text separately their known ones. It is built by the organization of Facebook in such a way that it stands alone. Can use it for business purposes for creating posters, newsletters and advertising them in a group. The users have crossed downloading more than 1 million recently a few years ago. The forms are similar to WhatsApp and the facilities are almost the same.

  1.   Facebook

The enormous wide range of platform that is very simple and contempt with all kinds of media files including documents. Sharing comments are also simple and gradually like posting things. The single information makes aware among people and encourage the promoters to gradually increase their company but showing their defects.

  •   WeChat

This is a lot more than that of texting people that consists of WhatsApp including Messenger under a single place enclosed as one. It has an advanced feature of shopping in internet, payment via it in either mode (offline or online) including booking tickets, money transfer and much more. Utilized by more than a million all over the globe that might help merchants to multi-task their work that saves time and increases captivity through this e-transaction funds can be moved easily to proceed their movement.

  •   SnapChat

This is another kind of platform that concentrates on contents in social media to share your precious memories and picture files including clippings in video format within the closed ones. This was the first platform to introduce the idea of short clips that was eventually copied by Instagram also used by more than 250 million people in the world. This platform is similar to other entertainment platforms like Instagram so it exhibits the same similarities to host or to promote any kind of business. You can find tools to make your videos look creative and attractive so to grab consumers to your brand.

  •    Pinterest

This website is quite similar to all the other platforms to encounter new happenings, events and get inspired as the main objective becomes to the enrollment of primary focus. This site can be useful to promote a marketer brand as most of the users find it effective to browse on the products/brands from different organizations. Being an active user will help in this place will help you to promote the product so quickly as it is full of purchasing based on how attractive the brand is and also different from others to make users purchase them. A popularized platform with more than two hundred and a half million followers.

  • Reddit

The basic page of any internet forum that helps users to provide suggestions, doubts regarding several brands and rate them accordingly. It has various sub platforms so people have a vast resource to explore and research the brands of several merchants in it with their uniqueness. So, it is an added advantage for retailers to give enough info regarding their brand that can help them to vote a specific brand enormously. The highest users of 330 million that holds the first position among all the other media domains.

  •  Viber

Has similar features as WhatsApp that has a unique feature in their stickers and GIF’s. The retailer can promote his brand through these funny stickers also get a premium in these advertisements and display multiple range of your brands and its commodity associated the merchant can provide a helpline for service of customers.

  • Discord

This domain is used for the recording of the gaming visuals and posting them in communities relevant to it that is designed especially for this purpose. This is not a much-interacted platform for users in marketing channels but they use this platform to enter in a sub-domain such as Slack for their communication purposes. That is used by more than 200 million people.

  •  Medium

If you are a blogger then I can recommend you to opt for this website in promoting your brand as an article by adding up its advantages as it is a mash up of two biggest things as one, they are the social network followed by publishing platform so it might fall it to eyes of readers and you can easily grab them with your content and creativity in it. It also works as a platform to make money as people know your brands and interact with your publications.

  •  Line

Created by Japanese that contains the exact and precise features of WeChat. By using the site for business, it will help you to promote your business and engage users to share the headlines of your specific brands that may include the offers of the stocks or reduction of prices that also has a multi-purpose function functionality.

  •   Quora

This is the path that never to comes to our mind when we think of posting, promoting and working in an amateur way as people can make your brand as a high noted one by making yourself to hold an authority position and the links to the brands, we have done articles to be commented by audiences in a generous way.

This content might be useful for people if they want some tips and ways to establish their brand under a popularized category and to maintain their organization for the brand they promoted via the group as a business category. Retailers can work on creating videos and posting them in these platforms that can be viewed by people within a short span of time worldwide. Promote the brand using their advantages and your voice of marketing so you can pull out the customers to become your consumers.