Covid-19 impact on education, health, business sectors.

Covid-19 has effected all sectors like education, business, health care and daily wage workers In this blog, we are going to discuss the impacts on education, health care, business and daily wage workers. Due to the covid-19 pandemic.


The covid-19 has impacted all countries all over the world. It has majorly impacted education the most. Due to the out spread of the covid-19 government decided to shut down the schools, which was a big decision. Due to this all teachers and students shifted to online education.

Since all schools have been shut down, all schools shifted to online mode of education. Students and teacher find it hard because it was a new environment. Now, teachers have teach there students in online also, students have to submit there assignment and projects online. Teachers found very hard to teach in online because they has to teach students using online gadgets. Students have to scan there assignments and convert it to a PDF then they have to submit there assignments. In India, many students didn’t attend online classes because they don’t have the access to internet. In an online survey, up to 50 percent of the students in India don’t have the access to internet. In all online classes, only 40 percent of the students used attend a class. Due to covid-19 all exams were conducted in online mode. Teachers has to evaluate answer sheets in online using some gadgets. Due to lack of resources like phone, laptop and internet students cannot write online exams, submit assignments. Some schools didn’t conduct online classes for there students.


Because of national wide lock down all companies were shut down. All there business and profits were collapsed. All small business companies were collapsed due Covid-19 pandemic. Only few companies could sustain but there was huge loss for them. Only IT companies survived in this covid pandemic. There was huge loss for all companies in India. Due to the shut down of many companies, many people lost there job, creating a financial crisis for many families. The share values of many companies dropped. According to a survey, nearly 60 percent of businesses were fully closed. Many people started doing work from home.


Daily wage worker are the most effected people in the covid pandemic. They have to work everyday to eat. They are paid very low wage. They even didn’t get the minimum wage. Each and single rupee is important for them to survive. Due to national wide lock down, all constructions were closed making no job for them. Even though government helped them, but it was not enough. They have no shelter, no people were giving them shelter due to the wide spreading of covid-19. They are sleeping on streets and roads. There was no food for them. Many workers died due to hunger.


There was also lot of impact on health care sector. There were many patients in every hospital. Daily thousand’s of people are dying due to covid-19. Doctors were working day and night to save patient’s life. Doctors are risking there life to treat a covid patient. There were lack of doctors in hospitals. Government hospitals are full of patients. There were shortage of medicines.

That’s all from my side. I hope you like it, thank you.