World’s youngest serial killer

Serial killer, what do you think of when you hear this word. What is a Serial Killer?

Serial Killer is a person who has killed at least three people and there are a lot of cases of serial killing that you may have heard of. But have you ever thought about the youngest serial killer in the world.

Yes, A child who is around the age of 8-10 years old may have killed someone. Could there be anyone like that who can kill at such  a young age? If you are interested in true crimes then you might have heard of this killer.

This is Amarjeet Sada, A boy who was accused of killing three children .

Amarjeet Sada was born in 1998 in Begusarai district of Bihar. The family later moved to village named Mushahari village. The financial condition of Amarjeet’s Family were not very good due to a large number of family members and very low income. The reason behind family moving to Mushahari village was having better  employment opportunity in the village but nothing much changed.

On a day in the year 2007 one of the villager’s 6 month old baby girl ,named Khushboo went missing from the house. Upon looking  for the baby when they did not found the baby girl, one of the ember of Sada family came forward telling that he might know about the baby and who has taken her.

After this the police was called and the baby was reported missing.  The member of Sada family told police that he knows who has taken the baby and he took the police to Amarjeet Sada who was playing with other childern of the village.

Police officers were still not sure that a child that young can kill anyone but when they asked him about the baby girl he did agreed to knowing about her. Police were still not sure if the child is telling the truth or not but upon further investigating Amarjeet told them that he knew where the baby girl is and what had happened to her cause he himself has killed her.

All of this was still something that police cannot just trust as it was coming from a child but then he took them to the place where he has hidden the body of 6 month old Khushboo. On the edge of village he had hidden the dead body in a shallow grave and had covered it dust and leaves.

He told police that he took the child from the house when no one was around and then tried to strangle her but when he did not get much of a reaction from her he took a stone from the ground and continued hitting her until she was dead.

After this Amarjeet was taken to the police station and according to the police officers present there the child had no idea way he was there and had no remorse for his actions. when asked why he killed khushboo he didn’t answered and just smiled at the police officer. He was so carefree just smiling and swinging  his legs from the chair.

It is also said that prior to khushboo’s murder he has also committed two more murders of a 6 years old cousins and 8 months old his own baby sister IN BETWEEN 2006-2007. By the time he was 10 year old he has committed three murders in total.

The details regarding previous two murders are available but there are possibilities that the murders took place in the same way as of khushboo’s, which means that he killed the 6 years old and 8 month old with the stone by hitting them on their head over and over again.

Amarjeet  was taken under custody and was assessed by a Patna based Psychoanalyst, Shamshad Hussain, who said that the boy  Prima Facie appears to be a sadist who derives pleasure from inflicting injuries on others. According to experts such cases need immediate medical attention by addressing the chemical imbalance in patient’s brain. These things can lead to an anti social behavior in an individual.

Amarjeet Sada is about 22 years old now and is now living a new life under a new identity. No one knows where he is or what he does all that we can hope for is that staying at the remand home he had received the treatment he needed and can live as a normal person.

Due to Amarjeet being of a young age, he cannot be sentenced to death or prison under Indian Law so Amarjeet was sent remand house near Munger in Bihar for 3 years and be imprisoned until he turns 18 years old. The problem with the whole case was that the Juvenile Justice Act states that the central and state government must be guided by Principle of Right to Privacy and Confidentiality of the child, which was totally ignored by the authorities. The name and the pictures of the boy were released by the media houses without any legal actions. ( THE CASE TOOK PLACE BEFORE THE AMMENDMENT IN THE LAW)

The conspiracy behind the case

The conspiracy behind the case states that Amarjeet didn’t actually killed the three children but someone else from the village or from his own family and the child just accepted cause he was told to do so. Many people believe that the family member who told police that Amarjeet was the one who killed the children but this has never been proved.

So, it was all about the world’s youngest serial killer. What do you think about this case and about the fact that the person who committed three murders at the age of 10 is now free and no one knows anything about him. Is it possible for a 8 year old to kill or to overcome killing after growing up so that he can live as a normal person, and who do you think was the real killer. Please share your thoughts with us.

Thankyou for reading.