How Literature is getting popularity due to the advent of Movies and Dramas

“Literature since the Medieval times have always been a mystery as well as a fascination for its audience”. As the decades change, their audience preference also changed. There was a whole decade which we all know as  a biggest blood-curdling historical events of all time, also famously known as “The Age before Queen Elizabeth, when war and slaughter  was the prominent reason and people lost their sanity due to   political catastrophes and the consequences occurred when there was a division between the religion and  science.”

When people lost their sanity, they abandoned literature and art which ultimately made the audience miserable and fragile. However, as the decade improved, we come to see that “Elizabethan Drama’s” has acted as a helping hand in the history of literature when people were gazing for a source of Entertainment.

Dramas are the mainstream or we can say as the generator of the exquisite source of entrainment since the 16th century which played an important role to make awareness among people about various social issues which happened during the era. Drama is one of those fabulous art forms which not only traveled a revolutionized journey from the 16th century to the 21st century but also have contributed a big number of Legendary works in the history of literature.

Dramas which are worldwide famous in the contemporary world are due to the main reason of fandom among the audience and in this process, the fandom not only goes to Drama but also to literature and movies.

Drama, Movies, and Literature – The Best Trio Ever!

Every era has its uniqueness and flair of creativity in any form of art. Likewise, whether it is Literature, Movies, Music, or drama, their secret to flourishing in the millennial generation is “Audience”. The audience has always been a great critic when it comes to Literature and Movies. Today we have Film and Literature which is established due to fandom among the audiences.

To get fame and acknowledgment from the audience is not an easy task, it has always been a striving job to be likable by all types of audiences. Yet Literature gained its popularity with the upper hand of Movies and dramas. Literature which was uncanny for many people is now becoming like their favorite cup of coffee which has the cream of fandom and fasciation towards literature.

Pop fiction – A New Version of Literature

A contemporary era where literature has grown acceptance due to the arrival of Movies and dramas is not only appreciated by their audiences but they are also a newer version of Preserving authentic Literature so that the fragrance of beautiful texts written by prominent writers won’t fade for the coming centuries.

Since it is an up-gradation, the technique of showcasing literature through the lens of the big screen of the cinematography industry is adaptable and modified. Pop Fiction is more merchandised and the writers craft their stories according to their audiences’ preferences.

The contemporary world is full of bustling lives where the audience expects entertainment to be relatable and which has a good quality of content. So cinematography industry had taken this opportunity as a responsibility towards their audience which proofs them their magnificent works by centering on literature.

Great stories come with a great plot!

Literature is famously known by all the audiences due to great movies and TV Series which either are adaptations or taken from real based stories from literature. When we say literature and movies the Millennial generation always mulls over about one great work but also gives a chill about going back to nostalgia! I guess we all know what it is? yes, it’s Harry Potter !  one of the prominent holiday Series which every child of the contemporary era never fails to reminisce about.

Whether it is plot structure, characters, or the setting, J.K Rowling’s works have been justified more cause of movie series made upon her famous works. Literature always provides us the imaginative descriptiveness of a piece of work and Cinematography provides an Illustrative of Visual and audio descriptions and together they have reached a high amount of success worldwide.

Similar to Harry Potter many classical works of literature are in the airy dreams among the audience cause of excellent movies turned from these works. Whether it is Louisa May Alcott’s “Little women” which talks about how women are striving in this society to acknowledge their identities by their forte and minds or whether it is Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” which talks about a dystopian where women are taken as an Object to played with, well we can never forget that holocaust literature which made us more emotional and sentimental when we watched the movie “Book Thief”.

Our childhood was like a sweet dream which was incomplete without those fairy tales of Cinderella and beauty and the beast which enlightened us with all the moral values.

Hence, there is no conclusion of how movies and literature are excellently mending with each other and providing us the finest edition of the whole thing. This not only keeps our literature preserved but also protected with increasing fandom with the young audiences.