“India is a cradle of art and culture”

The Indian Culture is known to be the most versatile culture in the world. From the ethical values of our heritage, the social norms, many traditional customs in the country, Various belief systems present in each family to a state to a country as a whole, different political parties, beautiful artifacts and the present technology that have originated in or the country is associated with in the Indian land or subcontinent. The term which also applies and is used beyond our motherland India to countries and different cultures whose histories are considered to be strongly connected to India’s by its immigration phase, their colonization, or its influence. Indian culture has often been labelled and is popularly known as a combination of numerous cultures, and has been influenced by a history that is many millennials old, beginning from the Indus Valley Civilization.  Many elements of the Indian culture can be identified in the country and it proudly take prides in contributing in various mathematics, religions, philosophy of the world, different cuisines, various languages that are present (many words from English are influenced by Sanskrit, which is considered to be the oldest language in the entire human existence), its art which included dance, music, movies, sculptures, various art items and this has made a huge impact in the world.

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India is considered to have a long romance with the form of art which is the art of dance. The Hindu language  Sanskrit has texts like Nātyaśāstra which is Science of Dance and also Abhinaya Darpana which is the Mirror of Gesture. The Indian artform of dance is known to be taught in these ancient books and this is present in the country, according to Ragini Devi, who is an Indian classical dancer states that it is considered to be the expression of one’s inner beauty and the divine in a man. It is a deliberate form of art, nothing in this form of art is left to a chance, each gesture in dance seeks to communicate the ideas of an individual, each facial expression is the artist’s emotions which makes it personal and valuable for the viewers as everyone has a different way to approach art and that is the beauty of the dance forms and other forms of art in the country. In the Indian culture it’s drama and theatre has had a long history alongside its dance and music. Many plays which are performed by Indian artists are recognized by UNESCO as a masterpiece. One of the most renowned pieces of art in the country is its cave paintings from Ellora to Ajanta to Bagh and Sittanavasal there are a plethora of paintings and sculptures which are enough to testify the love of art, history and culture which is present in the country.