POPULAR INDIAN TV SHOWS/WEBSERIES TO BE VIEWED IN 2021 

In this pandemic, people have to undergo boredom situation in each and every case as their life is between four pillars. They find it miserable to overcome the circumstance but often lands at failure. To relax and relieve them from this condition the online platform entertainment plays a vital role in every human’s life. These series have a mind-blowing background of concept that makes viewers to admire their story with a sensational and emotional touch comprised of their story.

Certain shows will be full of happiness as their sense of cracking jokes makes audience to feel and enjoy their leisure time after an awful day. These web series are usually hosted under certain applications that are totally but to use their features it needs to be paid as per their plans. Virtual entertainment become worldwide famous but the hosting servers and applications are different in each country but all the web entertainment providers can be used under a single gadget of smartphones. We have some amazing web series that keeps us to hook up to screens and worthy watching them.

I have discussed the opinions that were fair enough for me to give an introduction about these sites if you are newbie. So let me discuss about the top series that are favored by people to entertain them when they are totally collapsed by their work burden or studies pressure.

  1. The Family Man Season 2 (Amazon Prime)    

This concept is about a middle-class family that narrates the story of the husband of the family working under a secretive branch of National Forces Agency for Investigation. He risks his life while trying to balance the protection of nation and his own family with the impact of terrorists with his pressurized, low paying job followed by the second part of it where the comeback of an enemy threatens the nation. This is a kind of drama filled with emotions, affection and trust that makes us feel with tears.

  • Special Ops (Amazon Prime)

The Captain of a Special Operation Team is attacked surprise when his team along with him were on their mission to rescue a life-threatening nuclear weapon as they have to escape by tracking the hidden bomb but also proving himself from innocence from a false complaint as undergoing the government rules. This story seems an action-packed one with continuous thrills after every scene making audience seated until the series is completed. A worth series to be seen.

  • Hostages (Amazon Prime)

This is a suspense-thriller where a family has been house-arrested by terrorists as the woman in the family has to operate a surgery of the country power man Prime Minister that has to take place as a failure to save her family but the situation remains still confusing for viewers followed by the murder of the Minister by his own agent and lands up under siege in the hands of police force along with his friends. His challenge is to save his wife as she is at a worse condition, Will he succeed is the main sequence of the drama so stay focused to know the logic behind this if you are to have a completed experience of feel from this series.

  • Criminal Justice (Amazon Prime)

This deals with the deep concept of sexual abuse and the rape containing the aspects of the misbehaved with the wife itself barring exceptions by concealing it to themselves less to the features of law such as police and courts followed by the murder of the husband by his own wife that is hidden by a lawyer where her daughter comes as witness and the question revolves the reason behind the murder of her own husband. This is a series that can be viewed casually but avoid this mostly as it contains spoiler alert scenes which is worse.

  • Delhi Crime (Netflix)

The script that won the hearts of people globally including the International Emmy Awards 2020 that a crime thriller that has its full packed story for second season also that goes through the story of a gangrape murder case that happened in reality also the struggles and challenges behind the capture of those culprits the criminals of the society. This is a best novel and story I have seen before. The screenplay is really eye-catching and attracting to watch till the end. You can experience it watching.

  • Paatal Lok (Amazon Prime)

This journal takes you out to a maze as it confuses you a bit same as the cop, the main character itself struggles to find out the real happening as it is all a fake happening framed by someone else to secure themselves. The innocents are nabbed but the real mystery is hidden very secretly. This can help to ease out your time and relax for few minutes as it doesn’t contain the track and pulls the anxiety of thrill to audience.

  • Made in Heaven (Amazon Prime)

This is a generous sequence of the two persons Tara and Karan working as wedding coordinators in New Delhi under an agency that is the title name “Made in Heaven”.  A normal routine life concept with some facts and humors a bit each. To while away your time this might be helpful.

  • Asur (Netflix and Amazon Prime) 2nd edition

The second edition talks about the battle between the bad side and justice that Asur has promised to balance the scale that is totally a action packed series that shows face to face the confrontation clearly that will create an awareness among the bad and worse things happening.

  • Breathe (Amazon Prime) into the Shadows

This is 12 level episodes filled with the anxiety of thrill that revolves around for the search of a girl missing by their family members. Finally lands to the kidnapper itself covered with a mask after the sequence takes you to the core of each scene that is to be happened next that will be a perfect family entertainer also for a day.

  • Breathe (Amazon Prime)

An, appreciable factor is that the criminal is a south Indian actor as his acting was a lot more than I guessed. It is another entertainer to be watched with the family as you won’t find your time running at ease with this kind of story that explores the living of normal person with unexpected situations combine the deaths of unconnected ones who is an Officer of the Main and investigation Branch that led to the convict after conclusion of the clues. You can try watching it if possible.

  • Inside Edge (Amazon Prime)

This is a different concept so far; I have discussed where it explains the tough and hard impact on the members of a T20 franchise players to play in a league match. This team ‘Inside Edge’ becomes the powerful team consisting of men and women to destroy their obstacles behind the players and match fixers to reach their goal. Can be viewed as it is related to sports directed by the story of Mumbai Mavericks.

  • Code M

This story takes you to the peak of suspense where a officer is murdered by the corresponding militants themselves that is taken to the lawyer of the defense to investigate as it seems like an outdated and closed case.

I have given my experience with these web series but avoided series from other platforms as to ensure that no sexuality shots should be accompanied with those and I can these as genuine compared to others mostly in my opinion. So, it took me a long day enough to choose drama titles.