Science you tube channels that are worth subscribing.

You tube! One of the biggest social media platform, whose content is in the form of Vedio. This was first launched in February 2005. Now It hosts biggest content creators of on variety of content from arts to science. You tube has become one of the income sources option or we can say a career option now. There are many educators who found career in you tube. In this situation of pandemic, You tube educators have saved many students education.

You tube has now become a source of information for everything. It is the biggest search engine after google. being a science enthusiast i always watch Scientific you tube channels. There are many YouTube channels doing a great job in giving perfect information with beautiful illustrations and examples. But here are the some I think which are worth subscribing.


One of the best you tube channel hosted by Michel David Stevens. He is an American educator The channel has scientific, psychological, Mathematical, philosophical Vedios. Channel is currently on 1.7 crore subscribers and 380 Vedios on the channel. The best thing about the channel is detailed research that is done on the topics presented. And also the host Michel Stevens steals your attention by his method of explanation. He makes the Vedio interesting by scratching your brain and increasing the curiosity. The series called “Mind field” which has 3 seasons is one of the best Vedio series I have watched. They have mind blowing experiments and explorations done by the host himself.

This channel is worth subscribing.


Another you tube channel which has the best science Vedios. This channel is hosted by Derek Muller, who is Australian-Canadian science communicator, filmmaker. The channel now has 94.8 lakh subscribers and 313 Vedios. Derek, In his Vedios answers very simple questions in a way that you would never thought of having it. He conducts many street interviews about the topics or you may call it surveys to get the public mindset and information. In may of his Vedios he breaks many Myths around science and psychology.

The best things about the Veritasium channel are the experiments and the execution. The animations used to explain things are very cool to watch. And obviously the perfect information is what you always get.

The royal institution

This is the official you tube channel of the Royal institution situated in great Britain. It is the organization for scientific education and research founded very long back in 1799. The institution holds lectures on various science topics. Many famous scientists gave their lectures here. The you tube channel has the recorded Vedios of this lectures. The channel has 10.4 lakh subscribers and 925 Vedios.

What’s the best thing? The Vedios are genuine lectures from the scientists you admire! You get the whole lecture recorded and what’s better than that. You get to know about the new discoveries and advancements in detail. Vedios make you think more deeply about science. I think that’s more than enough to make you subscribe if you are a science geek.

lectures by walter lewin They will make you love physics

Who doesn’t know Walter Lewin and his love for physics. He is the former professor of physics at Massachusetts institute of technology. He has written a book called “For the love of Physics”. He is one of the best teachers you would ever get. His fun demonstrations of theories, and facts are loved by students around the world. The channel has 10.8 lakh subscribers. His lectures make you really fall in love with physics.

there are many more YouTube channels that provide quality science Vedios. PBS spacetime, Parth G, Periodic Vedios are some other to mention. But the above four channels are my personal favorite and I think are worth giving a try.

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