Ways to how you can approach by flirting with a girl

                       Techniques you can do to attract focus of girls on you with and without media 

This habit becomes common among teenagers nowadays in every place. Flirting with a girl does not require any pre-prepared speeches, or extra efforts to be told. A woman/girl can understand your feelings and will reply accordingly as per your words being told. They might be your friend or stranger but express a tone of affection and politeness while you interact with them while flirting. It is also noted that in this modern world teenagers do find difficulties to speak with a random person with fear or shyness that stops them from conversing with them boldly. 

It is necessary to note their situation accordingly and act wisely. If they have met with an accident or in a troublesome place be the first one to help/support them. That will make them feel secure in your presence. Make them admire the skills that you exhibit to grab their intention.  Feel free while talking with a girl to deliver our intention of speaking with them. 

There are also different ways one must behave in virtual and in reality. You can make girls flirt with you by using some ways that might penetrate their feelings so they too will spend a lot of time with you without any worries. So, let me discuss the criteria where you can converse in several ways to pull their concentration on a boy.

1.  Flirting via text messages

If the girl is a stranger try starting your conversation by just a ‘Hi’ text that might trigger their anxiety to know who you are. Use your relevant experience with them that helps them to recollect the memories of you. Asking about their self-health, living and the family members will improve conversation for longer duration. Make sure you don’t give them disturbed feeling while texting. Ensure to make them happy by some jokes or facts created on your own this will help you to take leads for continuous connectivity with them.

2.  Flirting with a girl as a girl

As a girl you have an advantage of starting your conversation with some random girl. You get to know her personal life incidents and happenings as they can consider you as a friend. Figure out their reactions if you are near them. Don’t try to commit things that the girl dislikes the most. Try promoting handwritten notes to your precious one that will make them feel rejoiced about you and your character. Maintain your dignity and use humor to keep them feeling over the moon.

3.  Flirting via phone (calls)

Try to surprise them by contacting them with calls, but make sure they are work free or in a good mood. You can guess their state of situation with the tone of their voice. Ask it out and console them that might be a relief for them at times. Try to ask out their favorite things in life and gather information about their precious memories and incidents. It is an opinion to mingle with their family if possible that provides you more space to speak with the girl.  Let your speech be in an affectional way that might pull out her emotion towards you and reveal it in calls. There is always a unique touch in hearing a girl speaking with us jovially. This can help you get closer in flirting.

4.  Flirting via WhatsApp with a girl

This platform has a unique feature of flirting through stickers and GIFs where you can share your expressions out of clips in it. Try sending heart symbols and some smiles and share your thoughts and opinions about her that might impress her. Take a step ahead of your conversation by asking her for a meeting out for coffee. Make some jokes to her and with her own routine that will motivate her to enjoy your humor. Sharing your instances will take you closer to her as she will trust you to open up her heart to tell you about her past in life. This a very good platform and try making video calls to grasp an enormous attention of her as that feeling takes you to a different world. Speaking without topics or contents .

5.  Flirting a girl in reality face to face

While meeting in reality an unknown one, use your sense to be the best one in dressing up. This situation helps you to admire the girl’s beauty beyond words. Show your actions in a nervous way that would help to indicate your expression of happiness. To make it more special for the face-to-face meeting, do things that she likes the most and the things she wants her partner to have in life. Smile after every speech of yours to make her feel free and happy with you. She will give you chances of talking and knowing things of her own life and use it to get yourself suitable for her like how she wants her partner to be. If these things happen then you are almost done flirting and make her fall for you.

6.  Flirting a girl who is already known to you

If you know the girl already it is an added advantage for you to move on with flirting and know about her recent times of life. Since she is a known person, you will be a trust-worthy and precious to her in life, so use it to flirt with her at random topics that make you closer with her. Try to pull out her emotions on you and how she thinks about you. You can try asking her if she has a boyfriend or not, casually, so you get a lead to flirt freely. She is desperate as you are known to her and that is where you can flirt and make her admire you by your character and actions.  

7.  Flirting with a random girl on a dating site

 Finding a girl online does mean that you can be genuine and cautious as it may be a kind of trap for you. In that circumstance allow her to debate upon topics that can get a feel of love and emotion so can get closer. Flirt with her in a gentle, firm way that she enjoys the most. Intro yourself to her as she can consider you based on your talents also. Try asking her questions like ‘wanna have coffee’, ’Snacks’ so it can help her to choose you for a relationship but don’t try to discover her past as in the first meeting itself.

These are the random ways to express your feelings and to connect with them as a method called flirting. “Flirting is not just how you attract girls; it is about how you understand about them”. Respect them and behave in a way that can increase your rate of becoming their beloved ones for lifetime. In all these cases use your eye-contact to communicate with girls as it only shows the truth and power of your feelings upon them. Be as a pillar to all their incidents in life to struggle and come out of it together by consoling each other.

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