Profession is not only about salaries Or what amount of money we invest in it.  Yes the other professions are equally important.

But if you ask me, the best profession is that of a mother. It is a job which is extremely challenging and difficult to learn and master.

Although often this job is underrated and overlooked.

A mother is someone who binds all the corners of the house and it’s people. Mothers are entrusted, and are almost totally responsible for the health, care, training, morals, security, emotional strengths, attitudes, social understanding discipline, and success of their children.

Mothers are required to possess the knowledge, practice the skills, and perform the duties of so many different life functions. They are so many in number that it is impossible to even list them.

According to me, there is no school or college that trains you to become a successful mother. Other professions like attorneys, medical doctors, and dentists, must attend anywhere from six-to-ten years of additional education after high school to be qualified to begin their profession.

Mothers are far more qualified and far more valuable producers than they, or the business world realizes. Therefore every mother of this world should receive the love that she deserves. They should be highly respected and cared.

Honestly speaking, my world revolves around my mother.

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