Blood relations:logical reasoning

This is an important topic if you are preparing for any of the competitive exam. To solve such type of questions break the question into generations. For eg I and my brother will belong to one generation. My father and my mother will belong yo3 one generation and so on.

You need to use arrows and represnt Male and females differently. For eg you can use plus sign for males and minus for females. Lets understand with example.

POINTING TO RAJA RANI SAID “HIS MOTHER’S BROTHER IS THE FATHER OF MY SON RAJKUMAR.”HOENIS RAJA RELATED TO RANI. This simplifies that raja ‘s mother’s brother is father of my son. That means rani s husband is uncle of raja. Hence raja is nephew.

eg 2. Amit pointing a photo of girl says she is daughter of only son of my grandfather.

This means the girl is daughter of only son of my grandfather means his father’s daughter is that girl and girl is sister of amit.

eg3. Pointing to a man :-his only brother is the father of my daughter’s father.

My daughter’s father means me and my father’s brother. Now how I am related to my father’s brother Its easy I am his nephew.

Also you can get some questions like p+q means p is brother of q. p-q means p is sister of q.

a+b-c. a is brother of b and b is sister of c.