Common Language Questions.

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1. What’s The Most Commonly Spoken Language Today?

First Language

Mandarin Chinese tops the list of most commonly spoken native languages with 870 million native speakers. With less than 200 million second language speakers, the vast majority of Mandarin speakers are native and also located in mainland China.

Second Language

When it comes to second languages, English takes the cake, with over 750 million second language speakers, which makes up the majority of the number of English speakers overall. Arabic is also a popular second language. With over 59 countries with an official language of Arabic, it’s easy to see why.

2. Is There A Language Spoken On All Five Continents?

There is, and you may be surprised to learn it is… French! French colonizers spread out all over the world, and as a result, there are both native and nonnative speakers in every continent.

Map of all five continents
Photo by Andrew Stutesman on Unsplash

3. What’s The Most Useful Language On The Internet?

Russian. A little less than half of all web content is written in Russian! Plenty is written in English as well, but if you are all about the internet life, you may want to learn some Russian.

4. What’s The Highest Demand Language?

Portuguese! This is due to the rapidly growing economy of Brazil. The native language of Brazil is Portuguese, an effect of colonizers in the area from Portugal. Brazil’s tourism industry is booming, and many companies are setting up locations in Brazil, making Portuguese a newly in-demand language.

Most spoken languages in the world, important to learn. Infographic by University Of The People

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