Why make reading A habit?

“A person lives a single life, but a reader lives multiple lives”. A quote that inspired me to get into reading. How do you define reading? Well, Wikipedia defines it as “A process of taking in the sense or meaning of letters, symbols, etc., especially by sight or touch”. But is that all a habitual reader goes through? Obviously not. This is just a definition that describes the generalized view. If you call a bibliophile to describe reading, He or she may say ” Reading is a journey, an experience filled with all the emotions and knowledge”.

Reading is not only for experience, But there are many benefits of making reading a habit:

it empowers your brain

Many researches have shown that reading involves a complex process in your brain. There are complex networks in brain which strengthen through reading. It keeps you mentally stimulated. Reading is an exercise to your brain. And these exercises will make you smarter. Reading improves brains connectivity.

it gives new ideas

Reading helps in detecting patterns, solving puzzles and problems. You are actively thinking while reading. This will arise new ideas to the problems you were having trouble to solve or it may show a new approach to the same. You may get situations in life where references from the books you have read will guide you or solve your problem.

it helps you to write better

When you read a good book, which is well written and executed, brain absorbs that technique. reading multiple types will increase your skill. These skills you acquired while reading, that technique you appreciated when you noticed it will unknowingly show up in your writing. This will increase the quality of your writing.

it influences your world view

While reading you are thinking using the writers mind. He will provide a new view to a same situation. Good things that you accumulated during reading process will reflect in your opinions. They influence and improve the way you approach the world. It broadens your perspective and makes you question and reexamine your beliefs and judgements.

reading increases your knowledge

When you love a specific genre or a type of book, you effortlessly gain all the knowledge given within the book. This will make you smarter effortlessly. Books will have information about history, economics, science, culture, customs and what not. You will get all of these information without taking courses in colleges.

reading reduces stress

When you read a good book, it will help you reduce all your stress either from work or from personnel issues. Many researches have also proven the same. Reading can ease tension in your muscles. It is like a mini break but without taking a break!

reading improve vocabulary

Reading more and more will introduce you to more and more new words. Unknowingly these words make their way in your daily vocabulary improving your language skill. A person with good conversational skill is preferred everywhere and a good vocabulary will increase your confidence also. This will definitely help in having a good career.

If all these things are not motivating you to read, here is another fact. Bill gates, one of the worlds richest man takes a braked named “Think break” where he isolates from the other distractions of the world and just reads to have new ideas. He takes this break twice a year and you don’t need a proof to show how they end up.

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