A college is a dreamland in a student’s academic career. College phase is the golden period for the youngsters and no one can forgot those memories till from the first day of the college to the last day we spent in the college. At initial days when we join in a college, we all feel so excited and curious by seeing our surroundings but at the same time we all have a small doubt or fear that how to mould our self in the new place where every thing is almost unknown to us. Most of us start our college life without having any idea about what we want to be in our future. We all have roughly four years where we have to play around with academics and extra curricular activities along with figuring out the passions in our life.

At the initial days we all think that college lecturers are too strict and we have to be careful with them but as the days pass away we came to know that even our lecturers also be friendly with us and they help us a lot in every moment of college life. The most important candidates in our college life is our friends with whom we do a lot of crazy things and the enjoyment with friends will be at next level in hostel rooms, Yes our hostel roommates will become a next family to us with whom we can share all our things.

The most excited and scary event that happens at the beginning of our college days is “FRESHER’S DAY” where we all see our seniors as like most dangerous people on the world and fear about the ragging but our thoughts will be changed totally when we talk with seniors in a friendly manner and also they are the one who will be as a back bone to all of us in entire our college days but sometimes whatever we think may turn into wrong also.

Whatever the situation may be, we always be ready to face that situation especially in the case of examinations. The preparation strategies will differ from person to person but once after completing our graduation we will definitely laugh by memorizing all those days. The most interesting part in college life is college fest, tours and interacting with diversified people which helps us to develop the spirit of unity, personality and brotherhood.

At last I can say that college life is the beautiful blend of joys and memories. On the whole, everyday that we spent in our college is loaded with some colourful events such as special breaks, bunks and sports. These charms will never fade away but in todays situation most of the students are unable to make such a great college life experiences due to COVID-19 pandemic. Let us all hope that the past days will come back again and we can happily make a lot memories getting together in our colleges.