Putting an end to a long wait, surviving the hot humid weather for a great deal of time, monsoon has finally set foot in many parts of India. Albeit late than the scheduled date, it comes as a great relief for all. But the strays are badly affected by the monsoon since they don’t have a roof to cover them. Not everyone lives a life filled with luxuries. And sadly, stray dogs are among them. While a good amount of care is taken by pet parents during this weather, strays are often left to sustain on their own and not much heed is paid to them. They may have to sleep in muddy waters, walk through the puddles, and may have nothing to eat resulting in ticks, fleas, and maggots causing serious damages to their bodies. The maggots and ticks are a result of the moisture that favors their growth on the skin layer of the dogs.

Pneumonia is another danger many dogs suffer from due to frequent contact with dirty water which is home to a lot of bacteria during this weather. While the pet dogs get proper treatment, strays are devoid and suffer all alone.

Some dogs with an inappropriate immunity are exposed to a high fever which when not aided properly, can prove fatal for them.

While many help out the strays in these situations, others turn a blind eye to them. Some may try to help but due to feelings of obstruction and lack of resources, refrain from the same.

Here’s how one can help out the strays, using simple and easily doable techniques during the rains or the monsoon season altogether. 

  1. Keeping some fresh food or leftover food – Filling their stomachs is a big problem the strays face which is also the primary reason for territorial aggression. During rains, food is scarce and whatever food the strays come across is mostly spoilt. So, one can prepare a chapatti or two extra and some boiled rice or store the leftover food instead of throwing it in the bin.
  2. Clean water – Water during rainy days is contaminated with a lot of mud, silt, and bacteria. It is advisable to keep clean water for them so that the risk of infections and fever is significantly reduced.
  3. Keeping medicines available – Keep a check on the temperature and keep some general medicines that are favorable to all dogs handy in case of causality.
  4. Providing them shelter at your house – It is understandable that some people don’t like the presence of dogs around them. But, that’s how life goes. We help each other and stand by each other in trying times. If elders or someone in your house are against the idea, try convincing them and provide shelter to the strays. Keep old mattresses or newspapers for them to sleep on. 
  5. Building a shelter for them at a nearby park or unattended accommodation– Get in touch with the RWA of your area or the municipalities and pool in some money for the creation of shelters where the strays are safe during the monsoon months. This will be helpful and will be pocket-friendly too.

Mentioned above are simple steps that one can follow to help the strays. These are economically friendly and would not lead to consumption of your precious time and will also prove helpful to these friendly and loveable creatures.

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