Peace – The Most Precious Feeling

” The day I understood everything, was the day I stopped trying to figure everything out. The day I knew peace was the day I let everything go. ” This is a beautiful quote by C. Joybell C. Peace has different meaning for different people. Some consider peace as a way of detaching from the world, while some believe it to be the way to find themselves. I personally think peace is happiness.

Peace is the most satisfying feeling in the whole world. It is when you just don’t care anymore. When you stop thinking about anything over and over again. When you are not bothered by anything anymore. When you don’t care what other people think about you. When you stop having expectations about something or maybe from someone. When you aren’t expected to do anything. When you don’t have to fight anymore. When you are patient. When you just don’t trust anyone but yourself.

Peace is eternal. If you find it once truly, it will stay with you forever. If it’s really peace that has come your way, it will never go away. Peace is when you are standing in the open and cold wind blows through your hair. You don’t do anything or think about anything. Then you close your eyes and whatever you see first, any thing or anyone or any feeling, that is peace.

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Peace is when all your regrets are forgotten. All the mistakes forgiven. All the problems solved. The self doubts cleared. The pressure gone. The hurt healed. The sadness removed. The bad deeds neglected. The guilt ignored. The desperation turned into patience. The anger calmed. The thoughts organized and the mind cleared. That is peace. You feel it, you sense it.

Peace is the most supreme feeling anyone can have. It is greater than happiness. Even greater than the hurt. It is endless while others are temporary. Most difficult to find but the most valuable, most eternal and satisfying emotion. It subsides the anger, it heals the most dreaded hurt and fills the heart with calmness. It’s the ultimate goal of someone’s life. To not care, to not be angry, to not be hurt by betrayal, to be happy and content, to feel nothing but peace, this is life.

Search for peace and when you find it, claim it yours and never let go. Peace makes the soul last forever and ever. The crave for peace is undeniable when you are on the verge of ending everything. When you just can’t tolerate anymore, you desire the sense of calmness, the inner peace. The want doesn’t subside easily. It never ends until you do find your precious peace. Peace makes you wholesome.

The power of peace and calm is unbeatable. The crazy hunger to find peace turns into anger and that anger flows out in the form of tears. The strongest, most desired and the most overwhelming feeling is peace. It consumes you from inside out. It grabs your fear of being lost, throws it away and puts you back on the track of your life. When you have it, you will know the true meaning of peace.