Corruption Unlimited

India has the dubious distinction of being one of the top ten corrupt countries of the world. The malaise is too deep and wide to be eradicated so much so that common people have become despondent to the point of apthy. India has become a country of scams, scandals, corruption, […]

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RTI ACT and Investigative Journalism.

Just like citizens, the RTI act has enabled lot many journalists in the country to investigate regarding their concerned issues. RTI act over the years has become an important weapon for journalists to divulge hidden and lesser known information. RTI act has become so crucial and an “everyday thing” for […]

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Hunger Games of the government…

The government holds too much power. This is very well portrayed in the Hunger Games a book trilogy written by American author Suzanne Collins later made into a science fiction dystopian film series. The story is basically how the government has too much power over the lives of common man, […]

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