“Stories We Never Tell”: A Novel of Hope, Light, and Recovery

In our life, there are some bad phases when there is no one with us, and also we’ve handled our problems alone, and we never wanted to talk about or we were afraid to share because it simply hurts very much.

So today we’re going to review a book that talks about all the things that we never shared with someone. This book talks about hope, light, and recovery in the world of loss, darkness, and destruction. Yes, we’re talking about our respected save Sharma’s fictional novel, “Stories We Never Tell”.

Lessons Full of “Inspirations “:

Story of a girl named Jhanvi who is a growing social media influencer. And a boy named Ashray who had a great onset in his life, with his hard work and determination he changed his dreams into reality, where the girl appears to have it all the comforts jointly but, there was a lack of peace and happiness which was missing.

Apart from the characters ashray and jhanvi, Rishi who was the best friend of ashray helps him as his backbone. Rishi’s nature shows that there is always someone behind our success who is with us and helps in any worst conditions. Whereas Kavya who was Jhanvi’s friend, the same as Rishi Kavya existed as a rock to support Jhanvi in any episodes of life. In short, we can say that the story makes us realize that we need more souls like Rishi and Kavya.

The most beautiful character of this story is Ashray’s mom “Akshita”, brave souls like Akshita who always put together “life and people ”, a support group made away by struggling and beating all the challenges in their lives. Moreover, she also proved that love doesn’t require the relation of blood, she gives us a beautiful message that sometimes we fall in love with people because we feel the time is running but that person may not be the correct one.

Story Talks About Mental Health:

Jhanvi and Ashray, as we know that they both were diverse from each other so their stories are also different. As we see in the story Jhanvi is fighting the outside world, while Ashray’s fight is internal. There’s a line ” I need help” when people read that line they should realize what the author makes us understand, in some aspects of our lives most people don’t know if they need any type of help or not.

In general, the author talks about how being depressed affects relationships, the emotions one has to go through, and the road to diagnosis which is quite relatable.

Characters are very diverse, tricky, and dark and we guess as to the author of this book, it would be very hard to show that after all of these characters are showing hope.

Believe in your Story:

In the forgotten world of books where nowadays, people are being practical and choose to listen to podcasts or e-books for rapid listening, Savi Sharma made us introduce with her novels dedicated to everyone who still loves to read books and for them also who are still searching “hope and happiness” in books. She also said that ” I always believed that everyone has a story to tell and everyone is a writer ” and she believed that one day when all of this will end, people will always remember us as stories.

About the Author:

To motivate millions of people through her writings, Savi Sharma Bagrecha left her CA studies to become a writer. Inspired by experiences of real-life activities, her books swirl around the themes of dreams, hope, courage, friendship, love, and the Universe, to fill young readers with positivity and prosperity.

She is the author of “Everyone has a story – 1”, its sequel “Everyone has a story – “2, and “This is not your story”. Savi dreams of a world full of kindness, compassion, empathy, and love. With collective sales of over 6 lakh copies, she is India’s highest-selling female novelist.

You can find all 5 books by the author Savi Sharma which are available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Got admired by her a lot!!You can also read her blogs on http://www.savisharma.com and you can also get connected with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @storytellersavi.

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