Entrepreneur means to undertake. Entrepreneur is an individual who take risk and start something new and entrepreneur is a person who puts together capital labour and converts is idea into reality. Entrepreneurship is a purposeful activity of an individuals or group of individuals undertaken to initiate maintain profit by production and distribution of associated goods and services an entrepreneur as a function of risk wearing innovative organisations managerial and decision making.

Entrepreneur can be classified on the basis of according to the type of business which includes business entrepreneur industrial entrepreneur corporate entrepreneur agriculture entrepreneur and trading entrepreneur according to motivation for entrepreneur induced entrepreneur motivated entrepreneur spontaneous entrepreneur according to the use of technology technical entrepreneur non technical entrepreneur professional entrepreneur according to the scale large scale industry entrepreneur medium scale industry entrepreneur tiny industry entrepreneur small scale industry entrepreneur according to capital ownership private entrepreneur state entrepreneur joint entrepreneur according to stage of development first generation entrepreneur second generation entrepreneur classical entrepreneur other classifications on the basis of spiritual entrepreneur and social entrepreneur.

Women entrepreneurship is the process where buy women take the lead and organise the business or industry and provide employment to others. An women entrepreneur eastern enterprise which is owned and controlled by a woman having minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital and giving at least 51% of employment opportunity to women . The following are the institution’s promoting women entrepreneur.1-self-help groups or micro finance scheme: association of small groups of self employed rural or urban women entrepreneurs which is voluntary.2- FIWE (Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneur:was established in the year 1993. They help in providing network facility women entrepreneurs in the countries and abroad to develop their business their help in providing facility for the area of marketing quality control export management standardization.3-WIT( women’s india trust): was established in the year 1968 it is used to market the products of WIT members from Door to door under Kamila trust UK a then open the shop in London named Kashi and also extended in Europe Germany.4- SIDBI( Small industry development Bank of India): it acts as the principal financial institute for promotion financing and development of industry in small scale factor and to co-ordinate the function of the institution’s engaged in promotion and financing in small sector. 5- SIDO( small industries development organisation): it was introduced for process and product oriented EDP in the areas like television repairing printed circuit boards leather goods etc.

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