5 Indian Food Famous in the World

When it comes to food no-one can forget Indian food. Indian foods can be sour, sweet, spicy & tangy altogether. There is no particularity in Indian cuisine as every state of India has its own food cuisine . India is known for its spicy and sweet foods.  If you want to savour that taste of Indian quizzing then these 5 foods mentioned below must be in your bucket list .

    1. BIRIYANI : It is the most famous food in India . Wherever you go you will be able to see its existence from restaurants to small food stalls on the roadside of India. This food first came to India by Mughals. It is a rice dish with meat and egg and potato pieces with flavour for spices and Saffron mix .There are also various type of biriyani like veg biriyani (With no meat and full of vegetables) , mutton biriyani ( as the meat pieces) ,Chicken biriyani (Chicken meat is added) , bamboo biriyani ( cooked in the piece of bamboo)  etc.  You can also see the variation in the Biryani in the different states of India like Hyderabadi Biriyani, Lucknowi Biriyani, Kolkata biriyani etc. Among all of them Hyderabadi Biriyani is the most famous for its flavour fullness and spiciness .Biriyani is also served with curd salad or Raita .

    2. GOLGAPPA /PANIPURI/FUUKA :It is a famous street food in India and you will be able to see it in every corner of India .Even nowadays it is served in restaurants .Golgappa is made of three ingredients —–

    1.  Crispy ball made of Suji
    2.  A spicy aloo/potato filling
    3.  a spicy , tangy and sour water 

                 The spicy potato filling is put inside the crispy balls and then it is filled with the sour flavoured water .This water was made of tamarind or pudina with spices. You can also see the dahi-golgappa which is filled with curd or dahi and some chutney .


             3.RASGULLA : It is a famous sweet dessert of India . Rasgulla is a sponge like ball with which is immersed in sweet sugar liquid or chashni .Its origin is West Bengal and Orissa .The Rasgulla is made from paneer are Indian cottage cheese (a milk product) which is mixed with some suji and flour and later this mixture is drained of its containing water by special Muslin cloths .Then it is given a shape of ball and dipped in the sugar liquid or chashni . This sweet is white coloured . Some other types of sweets are also made from rasgulla .


           4)MASALA DOSA : Dosa is a South Indian traditional dish . there are two parts in masala dosa —-

    1. A pancake / roti which is made from a thin batter of rice and black lentils flour . 
    2. A spicy potato and vegetable filling in the middle of the pancake  .  

     It is originally served with a coconut chutney and sambar which is one type of vegetable Dal or soup . There are also various types of dosa like paneer dosa (made of paneer filling), chicken 65 dosa ( ‘chicken 65’ Is a chicken dish which acts as a filling in dosa) and paper dosa etc.


    5) SAMOSA :  it is one of the most famous street foods in India. It also have two parts —

    1. Outside a Crispy dough which is made of maida and deep fried in oil .
    2.  soft and spicy potato onion filling inside 

     It also has a unique conic shape . This food was also introduced to India by Mughal.  Paneer Samosa (filled with paneer), chicken Samosa (filled with chicken), noodle Samosa (filled with noodles) are various types of samosa with different stuffing . It is usually only served with sour sweet chutney or tomato sauce .