Education in the present

Education is very important in every individual’s life as it is very important for the living. The person who is educated will be well treated by the society and will you have good potential wherever he or she goes. Education as the extra energy to the individual’s life and a moles the individuals character into a good one. It is very important to be educated as the competition in the world is comparatively very high.

Online classes are the greatest and the biggest task to all the students. It is so difficult for all the students to understand the topics in a detailed manner. Even though the students try their level best to understand the topics during the online class, it is only the 50% of learning but the topics are not understood properly but the students and face lots of difficulties.

It is also equal difficult to conduct exams to all mine because it’s exams are connected through online then there is a chance formal practices. Basically, students commit malpractices during exams in a view to get good marks but not about the knowledge. So,many of the students commit malpractices.

Ways to improve the education system

* skill – based learning :

As of now , the education system is such that everyone is forced to study science and math. If this system can be revamped to identify the strengths of a student, then they can be given appropriate training in the chosen field. This will ensure that the child shines in that particular field.

* Rural Education :

As the sad thing about the Indian education system is the fact that its focus is only on urban clusters. There are hardly any decent centres of learning in the rural areas. This is especially true in terms of higher education. If a country has to actually develop, urban and rural development have to go hand in hand.

* Gender Neutral Education :

The education system has always favoured men over the fairer sex. The major change that must be brought about is to involve women in the same. Particularly subjects that are now considered to be the strength of men alone ( like carpentry, engineering, etc). Should be made more accessible to women. Pioneer women in these fileds should be given due encouragement and appreciation.

* Teacher Training :

India has a very good quality of dedicated teachers. However, the sad fact here is the fact that after they join this service, they receive little or no training. In such a situation, giving them periodic training will not just ensure that they are updated with the changing times, but will also improve the entire education scene of the country by leaps and bounds.

* Infrastructure :

As in every other sector, the indian education sector is one that suffers from the acute death of infrastructure. Most of the government schools do not even have proper chairs, tables, restrooms, let alone a playground, libraries and laboratories. Thus ,the first step in revamping the education scene in the country should begin with improving the infrastructure so that the students are given an evironment where they can learn to the best of their abilities.

* subsidising professional courses :

It is a sad reality that many meritorious students are not able to afford professional corses because of the sheer expense involved in the same. This is all the way truer in case of students from the general category who do not have access to many scholarships. In such a situation subsidising the cost professional education will ensure that the same is within the reach of deserving students from the lower and lower middle class strata of the Indian society.

* Basic computing In Rural Areas :

On one hand , India is a land of IT giants; on the other, rural India is completely digitally ill- equipped, in a sitiation like this, the first change that the education system must bring forward is to start free computing classes for skill development in rural areas. Only then will rural Indian move in the same pace as that of the urban Digital India and the country embark on the journey of development.

* Make sports compulsory :

One of the main reasons for the alarming rise in suicide amongst students in the country is the fact that they cannot handle stress. That in turn is because they are subjected to too much mental pressure. By making sports compusory it can be ensured that all the students indulge in some sort of some physical activity. This will lead to their mind performance better and enable them to grasp their theory lessons well.

* Educate parents :

Most of the times it is seen that the children’s woes centre atound that of their parents. In the Indian scenerio, parents are the ones who force their wards into a career they do not like. As a result students do not excel and upon failing to meet their parents expectations, they suffer from a number of mental health issues. To prevent such a thing from happening, the first step that must be taken is to educate the parents about the different carrer options that are available to the students and the possible scope of future in them.

* Remove The Reservation system :

The reservation system in India has been so obsessed with providing the best of opportunities to the reserved that it misses out on many opportunities for the ones who actually deserve the same. This results in not just personal loss for certain people but also brain drain for the entire country and fosters a massive loss to the nation’s economy.

Today’s education system may be good to score marks, but fails to retain the knowledge once students have completed their examinations. This leads to young minds being stifled at an age when they should be asking questions, learning and gaining knowledge, and developing a thirst for more knowledge.