Cyber ​​crime can be termed as illegal use of the internet and computers. Computers can be victims of crime or be used as a criminal weapon. This crime has become a regular part of our daily lives. Every day one person or another becomes a victim of cyber crime. The Internet is accessed by many people at the same time for various purposes, and these hackers are making a way out of these opportunities.


1)Identity theft – This involves obtaining personal information about the user by sending unsolicited emails or by using a criminal website to steal sensitive information similar to an authorized website.
2)Identity Theft – This involves obtaining information about credit or debit cards or banking details, some unwanted payments can be easily deducted after hacking.
3)Malware Attack – Malware is a malicious software designed to damage computers or systems. This is done to gain credible information or to commit certain crimes through the system.
4)ATM Fraud – The ATM machine has been completely stolen in this case. Criminals have developed a way to access all the information on the card and pin, continuously succeeding in duplicating the cards and using the same to withdraw money.
5)Cyber ​​Stalking – A criminal is involved in tracking that person through online actions. They can even send malware to damage systems to get specific information. Includes user abuse.
6)Pornography – The act of introducing a sexual activity containing a video, through sexual websites.
7)Download – In this case, the email was received and appears to be from a real source, but it is not the same. It’s broken.
8)Criminal crime – Unauthorized access to confidential information. Many times when government websites are hacked and corrupted files contain important information.


1)Strong passwords should be used. Password should be complex, you might guess.
2)Use antivirus programs to keep the system free of malware.
3)Continue to update the program.
4)Be aware of and use the presence of intelligence to prevent identity theft.
5)Let your children know online, so that they can report any abuse or abuse when they pass.
6)Keep privacy settings on social media.


Cyber ​​security protects our system, network, devices and programs from malicious software attacks. Illegal data acquisition can therefore be suspended.

Importance – Information relating to any significant national problem or other data intended for personal use, if shared will create a number of problems. Therefore in the event of a multi-level security test, important data and data can be retained in the leak.


1)Network Security – Protects the network from malware attacks and thus uses a secure network.
2)Cloud security – Means data protection from cloud resources.
3)Information security – Helps protect data from unauthorized or illegal access.
4)End User Safety – User should be aware of when installing any external devices in the system, opening any emails or links.
5)Application security – helps keep the system and software safe.


Cyber ​​crime is spreading its arms day by day. The safest way to avoid becoming a victim of its ill effects is to follow safety precautions. There are various ways in which we can protect our confidential information from being disclosed. We should always focus on awareness as – ‘Prevention is better than cure’, especially if there is no cure.

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