Education is important for all of us and it is our right to take education but today’s education system makes our study problematic and even student find it difficult to study their subjects.

Our teachers, parents only told us to study but they never told us How?

But there is always a real practical approch to do anything that you want to do and for study effectively it can also apply.

1. Adopt a study schedule

Every student studies many subjects in the school. For effective learning, we should know how to achieve more in less time and with lesser effort. It can be done by adopting a study schedule. When we make a schedule. We mentally prepare how to achieve it. It removes the uncertainty as to what we need to or not to do.

● Points to remember while making a study schedule

° Study schedule should be flexible to add and subtract some uncertain work to it which arises in day to day life.

° you should make it in such a way that it leaves. Some time in between for relaxation.

° personal preferences must be kept in mind while making a study plan

° you should always resolve to follow the schedule strictly then only you will have the maximum benefit from the study plan.

° Study schedule should include provision for homework, revision and some time for making notes.

° You should also have separate study plan for school days and holidays.

2. Make Notes

Note making is the most important skill leading to greater success in exams, but it is not enough to just make notes.

° Notes must be clear and understandable, they should be written in such a way that a glance should enable you to recall the entire subject

° Good notes are simple, well organized and easy to understand

3. Mind Mapping

Mind mapping involves visual images and other graphics details to make a deeper impression.

Because you know the fact that mind learn easily from images, songs, symbols, sounds and shapes.

Through mind mapping you can learn whole chapter or entire subject on one page.

4. How to Make Mind Map

Make mind maps on your own. Write the main topic in the middle. Add a branch extending out from the centre for each important point and add the details. Use abbreviations to learn it easily.

5. Look, Memorize, Write and Check Technique

Study a topic for some time and then close the book and write down what you remember. Now check your work with the book. Repeat this practise until you have most of the work correct and then move on to the next topic. Practice this technique on each topic twice atleast.

6. Revision- Important part of the effective study plan

It is the most important part but many students leave it as it is not important or procrastinate it for long time

° Prepare a revision plan for all the subjects.

° Keep a checklist for the all the chapters that you studied

° Do not exceed your revision time and break up the available time into study sessions and breaks.

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