Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples ?

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Everyone must have heard this. But is it true for guinea pigs ? Can guinea pigs eat apples ? Are apples safe for them ? Allow us to enlighten you on the fact that guinea pigs can in fact eat apples but with some restrictions. If you pet a guinea pig and are curious to know about their diet then you have come to the right place. Come on, let’s have a look.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples ?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat apples. But listen guinea pig owners, this is for you. You certainly can give your pet apples. But first you just have to take care of the conditions which come with feeding apples to your guinea pig. Here we will tell you all about guinea pigs and apples. This is the perfect guide for your pet regarding apples.

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Are Apples safe for Guinea Pigs ?

Yes, apples are safe for guinea pigs but only in moderation. Apples contain a high sugar content which is not considered appropriate for guinea pigs. Here are some listed conditions to take care of before serving apples to guinea pigs.

  1. Apples are safe for guinea pigs but the stem and the seeds  of the apple can have a damaging effect on their health. The seeds contain enough cyanide to have an adverse effect on their health but not enough to kill them. The main reason to not feed apple seeds to guinea pigs is that they might choke on them.
  • Guinea pigs can have apples in a small quantity. Excessive feeding can lead to various problems like diarrhoea and other health issues.
  • Apple skin contains most of the nutrients which are good for guinea pigs. They can eat apples with their skin on and enjoy the  crunchiness of the fruit. Apple skin or peel contains fibre which is good for their health. Unwashed for waxed skin may damage their health.
  • Guinea pigs do like apples, but ensure that you feed them as a treat and not include them in their daily diet.
  • In addition to the crunchy fruit you can also feed them apple leaves. Apples contain calcium which is good for guinea pigs.
  • Unripe, sore or rotten apples can also damage guinea pigs’ health.
  • Guinea pigs enjoy the hard fibrous core of the apples, but make sure they are seed free and not so sour to eat.

What happens if a guinea pig eats too much Apple ?

If your pet ate too much apple, it’s nothing to worry about. It may have a bit of diarrhoea, but it will be fine. Don’t worry about taking it to the vet because there will not be any long-term problems.

Consider feeding them small apple chunks. Since apples are high in sugar content you may want to restrict their diet of apples to once a day or maybe only 2-3 a week.

Too much of an apple to guinea pig may lead to bloating. You may also want to know that Vitamin C is the most important ingredient in a guinea pigs’ diet. And apples have a higher Vitamin C content than most fruits. Apples are considered to be safe and enjoyable for Guinea pigs but they are not the best diet for them.

Till now we have made sure that you know the answer to the main question, which is, “Can Guinea Pigs eat apples ?” Now coming on to the types of apples they can consume and how you should feed them.

Which Type of Apples can Guinea Pigs Eat ?

Apples are the most diverse fruit. It comes in many types, about 2500 different varieties. Let us have a look on which type of apples your furry pet would like to munch on.

Guinea pigs can eat both red and green apples. But as green apples are much more sour than the red ones, your pet may not like them.

Apples come in many varieties, textures and flavours, so you might want to know the preference of your pet before feeding them.

How Much Apple Should a Guinea Pig be Given ?

Guinea pigs can eat apples, but that doesn’t mean they can eat a whole one of them. You should not give your pet a whole apple to eat, maybe not even a half. Guinea pigs like to be served with small chunks of apples for them. Giving anything in excess to them is a health hazard. And as well as apples are not an essential part of a guinea pigs’ diet.

Guinea pigs can also be fed different snacks of apples like apple sticks, apple leaves and many more for your pet. So now, are you sure about your answer to the question, “can guinea pigs eat apples ?’

Most guinea pigs like eating this crunchy food but as we humans, these furry animals are also moody and some of them may not like apples. But it is certain that yes, guinea pigs can absolutely enjoy apples.