COBOL may be a Common Business minded Language. it’s a high-level artificial language. because the dilated word form suggests, programming language is meant for developing business, generally file-oriented applications.

COBOL is employed by the North American nation Department of Defense, in a very conference, fashioned CODASYL (Conference on knowledge Systems Language) to develop a language. programming language is employed for writing application programs, and that we cannot use it to jot down system software system. this implies you’d not develop AN software or a compiler exploitation programming language.
How programming language Works
We should perceive the approach programming language works. Computers solely recognize machine language, a binary stream of 0s and 1s. The code of programming language should be reborn into machine language employing a compiler. Run the program supply through the compiler. The compiler 1st of all checks for any syntax errors so converts it into machine language. Then the compiler creates AN computer file, that is thought as a load module. This computer file contains feasible code within the style of 1s and 0s.

History of programming language
COBOL language was one in all the earliest high-level programming languages. throughout the Nineteen Fifties, once the companies were rising within the western a part of the planet, there was a necessity to change numerous processes for simple operation, and this gave birth to a high-level artificial language destined for business processing.
In 1959, the programming language language was developed by Conference on knowledge Systems Languages (CODASYL).
The government printing workplace written the programming language specification as COBOL60 in 1960.
COBOL-61, that is that the next version of programming language, was free in 1961 with some revisions.
In 1968, programming language was approved by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) as a customary language for industrial use. A version named COBOL-68.
It was once more revised in 1974 and 1985 to develop later versions that contain an extra set of options named COBOL-74 and COBOL-85, severally.
And finally, in 2002, object-oriented programming language was free, that might use encapsulated objects as a standard a part of programming language programming.
Features of programming language
Standard Language

COBOL may be a commonplace language that may be compiled and dead on systems like IBM AS/400, personal computers, etc.
Business minded

COBOL is developed for business-oriented applications associated with defense domain, monetary domain, etc.

Structured Language

Logical management structures ar offered in programming language, that makes it easier to browse and modify. programming language provides totally different divisions, thus it’s straightforward to right.

Robust Language
COBOL may be a strong language as its varied testing, and debugging tools ar on the market for nearly all pc platforms.

Simple Language

COBOL may be a straightforward language. No user-defined functions, no user-defined sorts, no pointers, and a restricted scope of operate.

One of the main style goals for programming language was to form it doable for non-programmers like managers, supervisors, and users to browse and perceive programming language code.

Advantages of programming language
COBOL is that the 1st usually used high-level artificial language.
It will handle immense processing.
It is used as a documenting language.
The resolution of bugs is simpler as a result of it’s an efficient error message.
It is compatible with its past versions.

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