India’s first pod taxi to run between Noida Intil airport & film city. Pod Taxi can accommodate 4 to 6 passengers per car. Pod taxis have been a popular mode of commute in several western countries and can accommodate four to six passengers per car. With this project , India is also set to experiment with this mode of commute. It will start running on the track as soon as flights starts from Noida airport. Keeping in view the metro connectivity between film city to Noida Airport rail and Ropeway corporation limited has submitted the final DPR to Yamuna Authority on June 13th 2021 for driverless pod taxi which will run 14km from Noida to film city with stoppage at sector 21, 28, 29, 32, & 33 Dr. Arunveer Singh , CEO of Yida said that this DPR will now placed before the YEIDA board, after getting approval from there it will be sent to the government . Work in this direction will go ahead after getting approval from government. The distance is about 5.5 km to increase the utility, it has been suggested in the DPR to track in the sectors of YEIDA also. To run this pod taxi in the country , the state government will spend Rs 862crores. 50- 60 crores per km will have to be spent to land the pod taxi on the land of Noida. with the creation of a film city , where film artists will also come in abundance , a tourist center will be developed in distance of 14 km to attract tourists from all over the world.

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