Almost everyone of use google chrome for searching information today but do we ever think about how the google functions in order to give the accurate results. Today we are going to know about the functionality of search engine google.


Search engine came into our world in the year of 1990 in the form of “archie”, which was an ftp indexing tool that allowed people to obtain certain files. A “ search engine “ is several interlinked mechanisms that work together to identify pieces of web content like images, videos , website pages, etc… based on the words you type in the search bar. The search engines always looks for the best solution, the right product, the most relevant video & the most accurate answers to better up the search experience of user.  

Search engine look simple from outside but that deceptively easy interchange requires a lot of computation and heavy lifting backstage. The too complicate matters in search engines are the algorithms used for searching. Most of the search algorithms are not only kept secret but are also constantly being changed and revised.  The hard work of search engine start it’s way before you make a search .Search engine work round-the-clock by gathering and organising information. 


Understanding how a search engine works is vital to know about rank of a website. As the rank of a website is higher, the traffic that the website gets is also higher which leads to more income. The functioning of every search engine begins with the three-step process which is clearly explained in following steps:


Search engines rely on crawlers to scour the web information. Crawlers start out with a list of websites. The algorithms dictate crawlers about how many pages to crawl and how frequently.    A crawler is an internet bot that systematically browses the world wide web. Typically used by search engines . These crawlers are also called as spider.   Crawlers visit each site on the list systematically, following through tags like HREF & SRC to     jump to internal or external pages . Over time crawlers build an ever expanding map of interlinking pages


Once the content from web pages has been crawled, the web pages should be indexed based on the occurrence of multiple keywords.  When the web page content is indexing, the common elements are avoided and indexed information is stored in an organized manner. The organisation of indexed pages is called as page ranking. Search engines use algorithms for determining the rank of a web page.

PageRank is the first algorithm used by Google to evaluate web pages. It uses a simplistic model of web surfing to estimate the probability of browsing to each site on the internet. It uses the concept of random walks in a Directed Acyclic Graph.

The factors include in page ranking are Backlink quality, Mobile friendliness and how recently content was updated or Freshness. Engagement and Page speed. So, These three process steps play a vital role in “Search Engine” for query processing. The following video picturizes about the functionality of google search engine in a clear way.


As billions of search queries per day are being performed in google, The quality of search results is closely monitored by google search quality team. The caffeine index of google takes up around 1,00,000,000 gigabytes and fills “server farms” , thousands of computers of google never get turned off around the globe. Google’s synonym system allows the search engine to recognize when groups of words mean the same thing.  For example: when you type “ dark coloured dresses”, search engine’s will results for black dresses as well as dark tones. That is the engine understands that dark as often synonymous with black

Finally, Google search engine is provided by Google LLC which is handling 40 billion indexed pages containing results along with advertisements in it. The three main reasons why internet user’s love google beside other search engines are because of it’s high quality results and regular updation of search algorithms. This is the reason why google has become most popular search engine even today in the world though it was developed at 1997 and it has almost 92% share of the global search engine market.