Lochinvar – Sir Walter Scott:

🔹️Sir Walter Scott was a Scottish historical novelist, playwright and poet. Many of his works remain classics of both English language ligand of Scottish literature. Scott wrote novels and biographies of famous men and contributed to Romanticism and the historical novel. He was Knighted by King George lV In 1820 and died as Sir Walter Scott in 1832. He is well known for a series of novels called Waverly novels. He also produced poetry, short stories, plays and non-fictional works.

🔹️Lochinvar is a fascinating balled which tells the story of brave,young and valiant knight called Lochinvar. He was a promising knight of the highlands. His coming from the west resembles for him of being like sun. He came unarmed riding on his horse throug the wide border. Throughout this special journey he was not carried any weapons and rode all by himself. “He rode all unarm’d, and he rode all alone”. He is faithful to his love and fearless at the same time.

🔹️He is known for being gallant and dauntless in every war he fought for the country. He is so valiant that no obstacle could save him from reaching the desired goal. He swam across the Eske River even through the river had no shallow part where it was being crossed by some stream. It was a deep river that he crossed bravely and without any fear.

🔹️As he reaches he Netherby gate and alighted himself on the horse, the bride Ellen had framed her personal opinion for him as a gallant who had arrived late and was struggle and fought cowardly and disgracefully in the war of love for the bride. He was to take the fair Ellen’s hand in marriage. He entered the Netherby hall so boldly even at the presence the bride’s men and kinsmen, her brother and all her relatives.

🔹️The poor craven bridegroom never said a word. The bride’s father stoop up, with his hand grlpping his sword, spoke up and asked Lochinvar whether he came here in peace or with an intention of war or to dance at their bridal.

“O come ye in peace here, or come ye in war

Or to dance at our bridal, young Lord Lochinvar?”

🔹️Lochinvar gave a bold reply that he had been looking for the lord’s daughter since long but was denied the opportunity to marry her. He responded that his love and taken the back seat and he had only come to drink a cup of wine at the marriage feast. He claimed many beautiful maidens who are far more fair and beautiful Ellen would open heartedly come to be a bride for him. He took one dance with a bride after she blessed his wine. Modestly she accepted blushing. Though there were tears in her eyes, her lips carried the smile that came from her heart.

🔹️The two danced in pair with grace and filled the room with their presence. Like the sun she was illuminated by his light. The groom stood there ashamed and unable to do anything. Though bride’s mother was fretted and her father infuriated, they could do nothing to step them. They were immobilized by his’ stately his form’. The wedding party also agreed to match between young Lochinwar and Ellen.

___________ “twere better by far

To have matched our far cousin with young Lochinvar

🔹️It only took ‘one touch of his hand and one word in her ears for her to bend to his incredible will. He was able to win back Ellen’s love. On his horse he galloped away with Ellen. The clans tried to chase bride was lost without being in sight. Thus the bridegroom proved that he was a ‘laggard in love’ unable to stand up for himself.

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