Popular Instagram handles are known as “Influencers” but do they worth it?


According to a report released by the corporate making company Kepios, more than half of the world’s population -a staggering 396 crore people-use social media. This means that apps like Instagram can easily target more than 100 crore people with just an single advertisement. As a result people we, the users, become the artefact and our behaviors are up for sale whether we know it or not.

Researchers have defined Instagram influencers as a new type of independent third-party endorser, who can shape the attitude of an audience through their blogs, tweets, and the use of other social media. Instagram influencers that inscribe a product seems powerful enough to make someone buy that stuff. You see these person daily either on your Instagram feed, stories or IGTV, and they start feeling so friendly so whenever they say something, it almost feels like they are helping you with recommendation like a friend would do, which is extremely powerful

According to me there’s nothing wrong with Instagram influencers as they help us to know different things, but of course like the other sectors in the world, you have bad apples, and bad actors too.

There have certain incidents, that Instagram influencers with prominent Instagram influencers have endorsed horrible products without testing them, only for the amount of money they are provided to advertise it.

I would further emphasize the article with an example where Kendall Jenner who is well known for her stunning looks, and is a huge Hollywood celebrity and is also one of the greatest influencer, advertise the Fyre Festival in The Bahamas was horribly wrong and even two documentaries were made about how much a disaster the entire thing was. Kendall reportedly for 250,000 dollars for the advertisement about the Fyre festival.

In this case she was not aware of the quality of the event, so I wouldn’t call her wrong ,but neither a smart one either. But there have been a case where the influencer tested for example a drink, and tested how horrible it was and still advertised it for an amount of money that was offered.

I do feel there are lot of good influencers who are very well going because of the double checking of products they advertise as they want their name in the good, and have a good credibility scores for future agreements and maybe their own products.

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