Priyanka Gandhi’s demand on cancelation of UP Block Pramukh Elections.

On July 16 Priyanka Gandhi arrived in UP and is ready and is ready to revive Congerss in the state. On the second day of visit Piyanka Gandhi visited Lakhimpur to meet the victims of abbuse at Block Pramukh Election.

Priyanka Gandhi said that she and all the women of our country are with them and will support them. She also pointed out the authorities for being responsible to conduct the elections in a proper manner without any violence. and demanded the elections to be terminated and to be held again in a organised manner.

She talked to the victims and pointed out the silence of administration and that whenever anything like this happens the elections are terminated but why it is not happening here.

She also mentioned that Prime Minister congratulated UP to successfully conducting the elections even after all that happened and took place not at a single but at more than one place. And asked for the better investigation and to held the election again in a stable manner.

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