Why plastic bags should get banned?

Plastic bags are harming our environment. Plastics are non biodegradable product which means that they will not degrade in the soil for thousands and thousands of years. Plastic harms our environment in all the ways it can.

How plastic degrades our environment?

Land pollution from plastics…

Firstly, let’s talk about land pollution so if we throw plastic bags on for example, soil, it will not degrade easily and it will degrade may be after thousand years but the chemicals which are used to make the plastic bag degrade the fertility of the soil. Plastic bags are made from poisonous chemicals and if we will throw it in soil firstly it will degrade the fertility of the soil and secondly it will make the crop poisonous and if we will eat that food crops that will grow on such soil we can even die so it deplete the fertility of soil and at the same time makes our food poisonous. Please ,Please ,Please never throw plastic bags on soil or some land area where crops are grown. This way it causes land pollution.

How plastics causes animals death?

Sometimes animals eat plastic bags which causes them to choke. We should never throw plastic bags in garbages because in our country especially in India cows and many other animals like dogs eat from garbages and if by mistake they eat plastic it will let them to die so please never throw garbage inside plastic bags.

Water pollution from plastics…

Plastic bags also causes water pollution. Let’s see how. So when plastics are thrown inside water, the Marine animals which used to live inside the water bodies , by mistake eat that plastic or even a part of the plastic bag which made them to die. The plastic bags are made from poisonous chemicals so please remember never to throw plastic bags anywhere.

In these above-mentioned ways and many more ways plastics destroys our environment.

Measures taken against plastics by different countries…

Some Countries banned plastic totally while some other countries levied taxes on it. But a country is made by its countrymen and we are the country man of India and it is our national duty to stop using plastic bags and save our environment. In our country today also people are using plastic bags even after knowing that they are not good for our environment and causes so many problems.

Why still using plastic bags?

The question is why we are not stopping ourselves from using the plastic bags even if we know that it causes harmful effects on environment. So, there are a lot of reasons behind it. Let’s discuss them one by one.

The first reason is that we are used to it. We habitual of using plastic bags.

The second reason is that it is very convenient to use plastic bags. Plastic bags are lightweight and are very small in size so it becomes very easy for us to carry them . On the other hand cloth or jute bags are not lightweight and are big also, which makes them inconvenient or less convenient than plastic bags.

The third reason is that plastic bags are very cheap. So it’s easy to buy them.

So there are many more reasons but these are the main reasons which make plastic bags very common in use.


We should today take the oath that we have to never use plastic bags and this is not a rule that you have to follow against your will but this is your duty to never never never use plastic bags because it’s our Earth we can make it a better place to live for everybody else.We always want to change our society and the world. But let me tell you very clearly that you can’t.

You can just change yourself and you know what that will make the world change.

“If you can change yourself, you can change the world and if you can’t change yourself ,you will never be able to change the world.”

Thankyou so much for reading.