Sense of entitlement is a personality trait in which an individual believes that they deserve recognition or special treatment for something they didn’t earn. Its basically “YOU OWE ME” kind of attitude. They believe that the world owes them without giving anything in return.

Sense of entitlement is not always negative. But as quoted “Too much of anything is good for nothing” and it can affect a person both physically and mentally.


Thought it is not exactly known how this mentality develops within a person, but the main reason can be due to social factors like The environment the person grew up in. The way parents and society treated the individual. How the person is been treated and The way the individual is been taught. All these can affect ones personal as well as professional life.


Entitled people will be able to put up a nice and well mannered mask on the outside, but according to research deep down this is not how they feel about themselves or other individuals around them. Research also suggest that entitled people can also be dangerous at times. They assume themselves as superior and also take any challenges with anger and defensiveness. These create a vicious cycle, the more they are challenged by society’s limitations the more they become angry.


 It follows a vicious 3-step cycle: The particular individual is always vulnerable to the threat of unmet expectations.  And even if the expectations are met, it may lead them to dissatisfaction. When that individual is upset they try to console themselves which results in self-reassurance that they deserve everything they wanted which in turn reinforces to the same entitled behavior.  


Regardless of caste, color, creed and social status, we are all humans. So treat every individual as you would like to be treated. Treat your failure as a learning tool instead of being upset about it and make sure not to repeat the same mistakes twice. Go easy on others. If this is practiced overtime, you can learn ways to address issues of entitlement and how to live a healthy, balanced life.

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