Service Marketing

Must have heard this term often right? But do you really know what is service marketing all about? Keep reading to understand properly.

The term can be easily understood separately as the service refers to an act of performing something for someone in exchange for adequate consideration on the other hand marketing is a broader term but in simple word it means promotion. Collectively we can say that when a person or entity promotes services it offers to the various clients it can be known as service marketing which aims at providing the solutions to the problems faced by the clients. Both the B2B (business-to-business) and B2C ( business-to-consumer) marketing is included in it.

Service Marketing have occupied a significant role in the market because service is something which can’t be seen or touched it can only be availed and experienced. The decision of the buyers in case of products is highly influenced by its quality but it is something different in case of services because the quality of service can be determined after it is availed by the customers. So it is required by the marketers to adopt those strategies that are highly attractive for the customers to induce them for availing a particular service.

Also these services can’t be resold or returned that means they are one time action and the manner it is availed at that time affects its future sale because if the goodwill of a particular service is not maintained then it will not be able to attract another more customers.

Examples: marketing of medical services, beauty parlours and spa, coaching centres , telecommunication etc

Service marketing is often confused with the term product marketing but it is important to know that both of them are different product marketing is the marketing of a tangible item that can be seen and touched whereas services are intangible.

If the proper service marketing strategies are adopted then it can leads to huge profit potential for a business and promote it to get more customers also.

Services marketing are dominated by the 7 Ps of marketing namely Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence. All these are the factors or elements that are mixed by the marketer in order to deal with the customers much better.

Explanation of service marketing elements.