4 Renewable Energy Sources

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Renewable energy is now in the list of popularity for the highest demand in recent year.In one word, you can say renewable energy are the future solution.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy means it is possible to renew them.In simple word there is no end of this type of energy.

 with the growth of population on the earth. The demand of renewable energy is also increasing day by day.Here I have discussed about some of the renewable energy sources.

Some Renewable Energy Sources :

  1. Solar Energy:
  2. Source:The source of this type of energy is the Sun,the King of our Solar System. Solar Energy is usually produced from sunlight falls on our earth surface.
  3. Production: To produce the Solar Energy, a solar panel is used which convert the sunlight into current for the uses. These solar panel are made of crystalline Silicon or C-Si which are also called as solar grade silicon. Silicon are abundant in amount on earth surface and feasible for produce current from sunlight.
  4. Advantage:
  5. The source of solar energy as we know it is the sun has no end. So, this energy is available anytime.
  6.  28-34 panel of solar plate can generate currents needed for an average house. So, you can personally generate the current you need.
  7.  No CO2 is produced during any process. So, it is eco-friendly. Even the solar panel are able to recycle bind.
  8.  It does not harm environment in any way.
  9. Economically affordable.
  10. Disadvantage: During rain, the power production efficiency is quite low than the sunny day, but still it does not affect so much the efficient is lowered by 5% .
  1. Hydro energy:
  2. Source: The source of hydro energy is water .This energy are produced by water dam, preserver, mountain rivers, water fountains.
  3. Production: To produce this energy, the following speed of water should be very high. The water flow will rotate the turbine which generate the electricity.
  4. Advantage:
  5. Water as a source of hydro energy is in abundant amount.
  6. During generation of hydro energy, there is no chance for the production of greenhouse gas. So, the environment is not affected.
  7. It produce a lot of energy.
  8.  The water is also not pollute during its production.
  9. Disadvantage:
  10. To need a lot of space for construct a damn and preserver. It is quite complex to set the need equipment to produce Hydro energy and need so much money.
  11.  The production process does not harm the environment but the construction can definitely affect the nature.
  1. Wind energy:
  2. Source:Obviously the source of this energy is wind.
  3. Production: It is produced by windmill. A heavy 3 blade rotor is fixed on the top of the tower.The speed of wind flow helps to make the rotor move which produce electricity.The windmill is usually setup on seashore,meadows or in any windy places.
  4. Advantage:
  5. The wind is abundant in amount. So, there is no running out of wind energy.
  6.  No CO2 is produced so no harming effect on the environment.
  7. Wind is not polluted during production.
  8. Disadvantage:

need lots of money equipment and manpower to set up a windmill.

  1. Biomass energy:
  2. Source: It is understandable that Biomass are living plant object.
  3. Production:The produce this energy the plant object are chosen.Electricity produced by burring those plant parts.
  4. Advantage: the non-edible and useless parts of plant are used as biomass energy.
  5. Disadvantages: Low amount of Co2 is produced but it does not affect environment that way.