MONEY HEIST : A Phenomenal Thrilling Series

Money Heist LACASA DE PAPEL is one of the phenomenon series I have watched with never ending suspense, romance, crime and adventure. I literally binge-watched entire seasons non-stop with snack breaks. The Dali masked and red jumpsuits, had great impacts around the world symbol of “THE RESISTANCE”. Its hard to give an idea how captivating and binge-watch this show is.There are loads of surprising plots and twists to keep you on the edge.

This is a show about a group of robbers who take the near impossible task of robbing ” The Bank Of Spain”. Everything revolves around robbing the bank with ‘THE PERFECT PLAN’ by mastermind being “The Professor” [Alvaro Morte]. What makes this intresting is the depth of the characters with flaws but still you will make an instant emotional connection with them.

There are some good looking and wonderful actors, Alvaro Morte[The Professor], Alba Flores[Nairobi]. My personal favourite is Tokyo[Ursula Corbero], the most volatile character in the show. She seems like she is going to ruin the whole plan at any moment but she has her own ideas to make show more thrilling. She keeps you high and glued to edge of yor seat. She has a great suspense coming in every minurte.

There are two heist set which has push the bar to the heighest and the show is intriguing and more than worthy enough to watch.

SEASON 1: PART 1 AND 2 [2017]

It begins with a failed bank robbery by a woman “Tokyo” by ” Professor” saves her from police. The heist begins on the Royal Mint Of Spain in Madrid. The eight robbers are plced aby “Mastermind’ dressed in red jumpsuits and wearing a dali mask. Flashbacks througout series show the five month preparation in Toledo.The first season revolves around ROYAL MINT ,hostages,voilence,romance and mutiny. The season is about how will the robbers safe their life and escape from Royal Mint , will the professor will be caught. The drama and never ending suspense continues and hold you till end.

SEASON 2: PART 3 AND 4 [2019-20]

It begins with the story will the robbers live or die. It has great suspense about the life’s of robbers,hostages and the”Professor”. What is the story ahead of robbers and hostages, is the story of survival or revenge?.

There are some very emotional moments. Emotional moments does not mean sad but passionate anger, love making, anger, compassion, loosing someone dear, victory, failure, etc. There is this beautiful cheering song “Bella Ciao”. It is the soul of the show thats holds everything beautifully. It has a very catchy suspense that keeps lingering in your head. It is like songs that you can’t avoid while doing anything.

I can’t say anymore without revealing any spoilers. You don’t want me to do that, do you ? So, I would recommend you to watch this, if you haven’t, tell me your favourite character in comments below.

I hope you are staying safe, in your homes, stay strong anf lots of power to you.

Thankyou for reading! 🙂

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