Review: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, an American sitcom was a hit. It has achieved 8.1/10 on IMDb and 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. Its first episode aired in 2007 and had successfully completed 12 seasons.
The story is based on two physicists who work at the lab in Caltech, Pasadena. Sheldon Cooper who is a theoretical physicist, is one in a generation type of genius. He is a germophobe, introvert ,quirky and wierd person. He is a double PhD and wishes to win a nobel prize one day.
Leonard Hoffstader who is a colleague, bestfriend and roommate of Sheldon, fits in the ‘good guy’ stereotype. He is also a PhD but has emotional issues as his mother didn’t shower love to him in his childhood. He is also wierd but sensible. Until Penny moves in the apartment across the hall and leonard instantly thinks about how their childern will be both goodlooking and intelligent.
Penny moves from Omaha to become an actress and works at the cheesecake factory for a living.
Sheldon and Leonard are also friends with their colleagues Howard Wolowits and Raj Koothrapali.
Howard is an engineer from MIT and lives with his mom. Whereas Raj has moved from India and is an astrophysicist. He is very rich but can’t talk to women unless under the influence of alcohol.
These four friends always do various activities together like play online video games, play dungeons and dragons, visit the comic book store and also go for paintball fight.
Leonard and penny date each other but their relationship has many ups and downs throughout the seasons, until they are happily married.
Penny sets up Howard with her friend Bernadette who is small, beautiful girl with a high pitched voice.
Also, one day Howard and Raj makes an online dating profile of Sheldon to piss him off but instead he meets Amy Farrah Fowler, an introvert, intelligent and wierd neuro scientist who blows off Sheldon’s mind.
Sheldon who always puts labels on everything including the lable maker, does not let anyone sit in his spot, who thinks he’s the only genius person, follows a very particular routine for everything including a particular place they are supposed to eat, and just pisses everyone off with his behavior, which is the starlight of the show.
The show was sometimes shot with live audience and all the scientific things said or written on the show were absolutely correct. The show also got attention because of so many celebrity cameos, including that of Stephan Hawking, Elon Musk, Leonard Nimoy, Will Wheaton, Stan Lee, Bob Newhart and James Earl Jones.
The sitcom shows the ‘Nerd Culture’. Showcasing what introverts go through. Also it has some very powerful positive concepts, where penny and Bernadette earn more than their husbands who are much more educated and still this thing doesn’t bother the male ego. And no matter how much Sheldon get on the nerves of everyone, they know he isn’t hurting them intentionally and so they understand him and love him with all his flaws, just how good friends should do. A good group of friends makes life much more tolerable.
Lastly the Scientific theories, use of technology, games, are very informative. Besides watching the sitcom, its beneficial for our personal growth and knowledge.